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Quick though for a new skill: Multi-tasking


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I was trying to come up with a new skill, and the best thing I could come up with was multi-tasking, it's hard to come up with a new one because it's either already there in a different form or would make an already overpowered game even more overpowered..


So I was thinking, this skill would encourage people to train multiple skills at once, what I was thinking was something like you gain XP each time you gain XP in two or more different skills in a give time, say 10-20 seconds or something... For instance, if you were training melee and using a cannon, or mining and superheating, or fletching and alching...


Rewards would be the ability to "multi-task" quicker, for instance... Say you're mining and superheating, the higher multi-tasking level you have, once you perform the combination once, each time after you would either mine and superheat quicker, or possible have a temporary increase in both skills, such as +3 magic level and +3 mining level, or even gain more XP in magic and mining whilst doing both...


Just a thought, it's probably a horrible idea, but coming up with a new skill is difficult... So i don't know.. Input and discussion welcome..

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I think multi-tasking is reward enough in and of itself that it doesn't require further incentive to encourage it.

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I'm afraid I agree with the above poster - I can't see this serving much purpose as a skill.

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That's by far not the worst idea for a system, but I don't think a skill is really the optimal way to reward multi-tasking. Nice concept though.

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not to mention jagex hates emergent gameplay (which most multi-tasking is).

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