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DIYing through Runescape

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Another nice DIY blog :). You seem to be making quite quick progress on this account of yours. But to make it more interesting, perhaps you could write a bit more about what levels you got? And it would also be really nice with some more pictures other than those skills pictures. Just a few tips.

Good luck with those quests. It shouldn't be too hard to complete them.



Add me if you so wish: SwreeTak

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Thanks for the encouragement. Do you have any suggestions for pictures to take? I don't really know how to make skill pictures more exciting

and would love some help.


I will also try to make it livelier but right now I don't have much time to play.


Once again thanks for the advice!

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Day 14


Sorry that the two week anniversary is boring but today was another one of those days. Continued to train Slayer until I got 25 for Fur and Seek.

I think I had Desert Lizards, Banshees, and currently Rockslugs as tasks.

Was able to get all my combat stats (excluding Prayer and Summoning) to level 30 and...




Wow that was fast.


Anyway this is probably going to be a slow week until Friday or Saturday due to finals.


Skills 4/24/2012

Going to start hiding the pictures unless something extraordinary happens





Quests 4/24/2012

No Quests Completed Today

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Day 15


Well Finals have hit so I don't have much time to play, but got some stuff accomplished today.

Tried to complete my Slayer task (Rockslugs from yesterday) but lost interest after gaining a level.

Combat has always been my weak point so eh...

Switched to Mining to get enough Iron ore for 50 Smithing through Artisan's Workshop.

Thanks to r3nnn for the tip!

While mining passed 500k experience point but forgot to screenshot it.

Started working on the iron ores and got around 170 or so done.

Alright day, could of been better but finals are more important.


Skills 4/25/2012





Quests 4/25/2012

No quests completed today

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Day 16


Well got some quality time done during Finals today. Finished Smelting those Iron ores and got...




So that is a great feeling. First level 50! Woo!


Oh and by the way





Felt like getting it since I was so close.


I know it isn't that impressive but this is about 500% faster progress in these skills in comparison to when my main got them.


Also felt like getting level 30 Firemaking for some reason. Don't know why.


So another day of causal playing with moderate success.


Skills 4/26/2012





Quests 4/26/2012

No quests completed today

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Grats on 50 smithing? My internet is failing me and the pictures won't load, so you should write what level is in the picture above it or something. lol

Also, If you need mithril ore for a mithril hatchet I think you can buy some in Keldagrim. Pretty sure that you just need to start the quest to get there. If not you could kill chaos dwarfs and get one your first kill like me :D

[hide=Account stats]

My DIY Blog

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Day 17


Well today was the continuation of the crazy Woodcutting/Firemaking urge. Got to 45 Woodcutting and Firemaking.


After finishing that up, decided to finish up the novice quests.

Finished up Fur 'n' Seek and got up to all I can do in Shield of Arrav without a partner.

Anybody want to help on that let me know. I joined the Phoenix Gang so I need a Black Arm Gang partner!


Anyway Finals are finished so I have plenty of time to play now. So look for some decent progress in the future.


Skills 4/27/2012





Quests 4/27/2012




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Day 18


Today wasn't much of a day. Did a little Crafting (tiaras) and a little lobster fishing/cooking.

Overall not that much done but oh well. Hope to be in a playing mood later on.


Skills 4/28/12





Quests 4/28/12

Still waiting on a partner to finish Shield of Arrav

No quests completed today

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Day 19


Today was a little more productive than yesterday but only slightly.

Biggest skill change today has to be Thieving but that is only because of quests.

Also trained Fletching to 40 because I couldn't stand looking at 39. Wierd I know.

Got 4 more quests done today breaking the 100 qp threshold.

So not much but more than yesterday.


Skills 4/29/2012





Quests 4/29/12









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That is perfectly fine.


Day 20


One word: Runespan


Today I had plans on improving my Agility level, got 5 levels in until System Update.

Since Runecrafting has always been one of my most favored skills, I love the idea not the practice, I was looking forward towards Runespan.


Also because this minigame can be played solo, I had no problems doing it on my DIY account.

So I head to the Runecrafting Guild with a measly 37 Runecrafting. Well........





And this was only the beginning.


Spent the entire day playing this awesome minigame. During this I also broke another threshold.





Only noticed this later hence the extra amount.


So once again one word is all that is needed to describe my day.

Gained 25 Runecrafting levels today and a total of 308,189 experience.


Today was good. Today was real good.


Skills 4/30/2012





Quests 4/30/2012

No quests completed today

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Day 21


In comparison not much today. Stayed at Runespan for a little more. Got to 65 Runecrafting.


Then I left to do a little Agility training before getting frustrated. (Agility Pyramid isn't the best choice but better exp.]

After that I was going to do some Slayer/Melee training but got off before starting.


Skills 5/1/2012





Quests 5/1/2012

No quests completed today

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Day 22


Not much playing time today. Wanted to relax and enjoy not using technology for a day.

But when I was playing I did finish up my Slayer task of Rockslugs, which gave me 33 Melee stats, and received Ice Warrios as my next one.


Because 33 Defence was my last requirement for EWIII, I finished that up today as well. Waiting for my Defence to recharge was agonizing though.

After that trained some Agility so more, and then Thieving for Master Farmers, and plan to get to 41 for Tiny Acorns portion of Buyers and Cellers.


So not much today but was enjoyable.


Skills 5/2/2012





Quests 5/2/2012




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Day 23


Today was another day in lovely Runescape. Got 41 Thieving for Lost Her Marbles (not Tiny Acorns as I said yesterday, my mistake).

Got 43 Theiving after reward as well as some nice Maple and Teak logs, Gold ore, and Law and Nature Runes.


Went to Hill Giants for a little bit to try and get Limpwurt Roots but only got one so I left early on.

After that I stayed off for much of the rest of the day but returned to complete two more quests The Giant Dwarf and The Lost Tribe.

Plan on completing as much of the Goblin quests as I can tomorrow.

A lot of the skill gains are from SOF Lamps. Don't like the idea of paying for spins but will use what I'm given.


Skills 5/3/2012





Quests 5/3/2012








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You should save your spins for the weekend, because there will be a higher chance to get the tattoos. I don't really care though, but you might as well. You'll even get more xp from lamps since your stats will probably be higher.

[hide=Account stats]

My DIY Blog

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Just curious but why should I save them for tattoos? I thought they were just cosmetic?

I've been using the exp lamps for skills I have very little ability to train like Herblore, because I don't want to kill Chaos Druids just yet.

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Day 24


Today wasn't much again but had some housework to do.

In the process of getting the two sets of H.A.M. robes I was able to get a Slayer's Staff and my third Treasure Trail clue.

Completed that and got...




The scrolls are Lumberyard Teleports




Started and finished Death to the Dorgeshuun, and realized that I might want to train my Ranged

a little more for Another Slice of H.A.M. Its level 31 but don't know if that will be enough to quickly take down the guards.


After that did a few more Intermediate quests, Merlins' Crystal and Sea Slug.

Besides that not much to speak of today.


Skills 5/4/2012





Quests 5/4/2012




There is an error in my quest point total should be 110 not 109





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Day 25


Didn't play much today. In fact I probably played for less than 40 minutes.

During that time I completed a few tasks, and trained a level to complete a task.

Got Falador Easy tasks done, and I might finish up the other easy ones as well.

Don't really know though, haven't had a goal in mind and am less focused with my playing.


If anyone can suggest a good goal for me to complete or strive for; that is reasonable, I would love to hear it.


Skills 5/5/2012





Quests 5/5/2012

No Quests completed today

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Day 26


Another day full of nothing it seems.

Trained my Hunter for a little bit at swamp lizards.

After getting to 35 I stopped playing for the day.

Came back and planted my first plants (minus the tutorial plants and potato patch) and got to 15 Farming.

Will complete that run and might plant some more, which means I will need to theive from Master Farmers again.


Also got horns from SOF but I think almost everyone has by now.

Sorry for the lack of playtime/interesting development but it seems I'm losing my drive to play. Really need a goal and don't know what it should be.


Skills 5/6/2012





Quests 5/5/2012

No quests completed today.

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Day 27


Well I think I found my drive, at least for a little bit.

I started Dungeoneering today and I loved ever bit of it.


I gained 27 levels today and only stopped so I can get some sleep for tomorrow.

I was holding off on this simply because I didn't know how effective I could be playing.

On my older account, I soloed too but I was higher leveled and was more confident in its abilties.

I'm glad that it wasn't much effect to complete the dungeons. Now I just need to decide if I'm going to buy rewards now or later.

And if I do buy them, which to buy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Most of the level-ups are from Dungeoneering but I did do a few farming runs today, as well as complete the Strongholds for the exp lamps (which I spent on Summoning)/gp.


Skills 5/7/2012




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