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How much does a Memb card cost


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A simple question: How much does a memebrship card cost?


From Jagex's Billing Support page:

"Q: How much does it cost?


A: Costs vary according to the length of the membership purchased, from a 30-day membership card up to a 100-day membership card." Very nice support, why can't they just tell the costs of them.


But yeah, what does it cost? The 100-day one.

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Well it most likely varies from store to store and across countries. So what currency are you actually paying with?


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It will vary from store to store.


After all:

Card markers have thier base price - covers materials labour and a profit for them.

Jagex then has their membership price + a little bit to cover fee for making the cards

This creates the base value of the membership cards.

Stores who then stock the cards have to decide their price to make a profit on them.


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If it helps at all, the 3 month card over here in the US costs me a little over $20 at Gamestop.

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for united states at gamestop its - $7.95 for 1 month, $22.50 for 3 months

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Now I have the costs of the card from UK, USA and Canada, I wish there was someone from Finland who could confirm the price :c


But that you anyways guys, your responds gave me an idea of what the price could be.

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Where I buy cards (7/11, in Canada) the store charges tax for the cards, though I know some places do not. That could be a fairly significant increase to the price.




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