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Hard Scroll Help


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I just got a hard scroll drop by killing blue dragons, it's my first but I am stuck at a particular stage. This thing says me to do this -



I tried doing this in this location;



The guy's not showing up. I tried everything, logged out, removed all my gear and put it back on again, nothing is happening. This shit is annoying. :P

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Fixed image links.


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Checklist to go through:


Do you have a rune FULL helm equipped?

Do you have blue dragonhide chaps equipped?

Do you have a fire BATTLEstaff equipped?

Do you have the clue with you?

Are you using the correct emote (laugh)?

Are you inside the tent?

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I've fixed your image links since our filter was breaking your last link. If you want a higher quality image, you should have it as PNG.


To add on to what Lad said, look here.

I'm not very familiar with all of the new graphics changes on gear and the quality of the screenshot along with the angle of the camera make it difficult.

Working on max and completionist capes.


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You need to have a fire Battlestaff (not a mystic one or a normal one). You *can't* use trimmed versions of the D'hide chaps or Rune Full either. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. I'd like to call myself an expert at Hard level Clue Scrolls.



@ Paul

He is in the right tent. I just don't think that he has the right items.

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Okay! It turns out that I equipped my fire staff, not battle staff. Thanks a ton for the help, Ketchup, Paul and Dash. :) I took out the double agent with my 282 prayer points and battle staff. XD Was the toughest fight ever for me. lol


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