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How's Runescape these days?


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Well, there's still some bots around. Most things are down in price because of it. Pretty good time to do buyables. There is now the squeal of fortune, which is like gambling. You get random items, or even xp. You can buy spins, which has caused some uproar. Slayer isn't the moneymaker it used to be. There is now a toolbelt that stores tools, and a money pouch for your gold.

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Some will say good, others bad. Several updates have polarised the 'community' - most recently and prossibly most overall being introduction of Squeal of Fortune and the subsequent addition of buyable spins. Bots disappearing then reappearing, always a hot topic.


I can only say that it'd be worth coming back and giving it a whirl. If you like it again, come back, if not, well, 'now you know'


[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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It's good. Lots of great updates this year along with a few shameless money grabbing ones. If you care about what other players do with their IRL money then maybe not, but why on earth would you concern yourself with that?


Some of the money grabbing updates have been pretty lame, such as taking f2p highscores down in an attempt to get more members, so i can't view your stats to tell you which specific updates will interest you <.< ... But theres been a lot of high level content, which is what runescape really needed, imo. Theres also a new boss coming out this month (i think) which is always good!


Oh. They also raised the membership fee by about 50% of what it was. Which sucks, but compared to other games is still pretty damn cheap :D


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As of late, I've really liked the updates (cept for the SoF fiasco). The FPS update allowed me to run HD settings with a FPS of 50, which would have never happened before. And the QBD is coming this month, it's been a long time since I've awaited an update.


99 Strength 99 Fletching 99 Range 99 Hitpoints 99 Attack

99 Dungeoneering <3 99 Magic 99 Smithing 99 Herblore

99 Theving

Slayer Drops: 14 whips, 22 D boots, 27 Granite Mauls, 42 Effigies, 5 Dark Bows.

What would be cool is if Drakan and his minions kill all the sig heroes in the quest except Raptor who is wrecking. You and him team up and cave in some vampyre heads. He becomes a total bro in future quests and in a GM quest he receives a fatal injury and his last dying words to you are "Brofist, mang"


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