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Fastest runespan pts/hr


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I'm going for rank 1 esteem at Runespan, but I'm not entirely sure what the fastest method of obtaining points is...


I'm 99 RC and I'm not really all that concerned with xp; rather, I simply wish to maximize my pts/hr.


The current method I use is prioritizing US > LS > BSK > Soul Esswraith. I siphon the highest currently available of these 4.


However, I have heard of all sorts of different theories (some say chaotic+, others say shifter+, a few say skulls+) but does anybody actually have any data? Which method is truly the fastest, independent of xp?


Also, are blood esswraiths faster than souls pointswise?

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Fastest points:hr to my knowledge is camping the 2 soul wraith isle exclusively and ignoring nodes.


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At level 95, I've found that soul esswraiths and blood esswraiths both give about 0.61 points per second. Bloody skulls give about 0.65 points per second, Blood pools and Living soul give 0.6, and undead soul give 0.54. Skulls give 0.49, Jumpers give 0.46, Shifters give 0.47, Nebulas give 0.53 and Chaotic clouds give 0.51.


Keep in mind this is a fairly small sample at a slightly lower level, but it should give you a good idea what the numbers are like. With a higher level, undead soul and living soul may give significantly higher points than I recorded. I'd recommend you camp soul esswraiths and take a bloody skull if you see one. If all you care about is points, undead soul and living soul probably aren't the best.

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There isn't a lot of data, but I think the creatures are much better for pts/hr, as they don't move. You get a lot more xp/rune when doing things like living souls, but you get the same pts/rune at soul esswraiths, I also think you get more runes/hr at soul esswraith but I am not sure, and have no data for lv99.


I would try to just camp the wraiths, for about an hr each and record inventory points before after. Get a few examples in. :) Help remove the current lack of data.

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