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Concentrated Gold Mining - XP Per Hour?


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My goal is to go from 80 to 99 mining while depositing every ore.


I'm a really lazy guy so I prefer not to bank for lava titan pouches or mining urns unless it's going to make a big difference.


I have a few questions regarding xp/h


1. How much xp per hour will I get with no lava titan or mining urns?

2. How much of a difference will a lava titan make xp/h wise?

3. How much of a difference will mining urns make xp/h wise?



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Urns add 20% exp, but if your're banking they wont be very helpful as you won't have the invent space.


Titan adds about 5-10%, dependant on level (I also don't know mining cut offs)

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Tip: fill your inv with an hour worth of urns then die next to a rock and get a bless. Now you won't be hindered by inventory space.


With a dpick you attempt to mine an ore every 2.7 ticks or so, 3 with a rune pick. Accuracy is roughly 50-60%.

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14 urns lasts roughly an hr, lava titans lasts 1 hour. depositing gold ore while wearing varrock 3 plate will get your roughly 700-725 gold ore an hour

65*700= 45,500, 65*725= 47,125 so if titan adds roughly 10% ore per hour 700-70= 630 and 725-72.5= 652/653 ore...

14 urns * 625= 8,750 xp

so if you do this 54k and hr to 55,875 and hr... this is at 83 mining. and no juju's, and with a dpick

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Juju potions will help you a crazy lot if you're banking, they bank about a third of your ores.

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