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Missed past month


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Well I've been on a cruise for the entire past month. Internet was 25$/hour on the boat, so that was out of the question :P


I'll come around to reading all the news I missed sometime, but in the meantime can you give me a quick run-down of what's new/what happened?

2480+ total

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SoF got a big update today...no more 50gp spins but now they are 1k,5k,50k,500k spins, and more useful items and more chance of getting a super rare cosmetic item. During this month they had some "wild" weekends (which included some double monster drops at nex, gwd, and other boss monster, a monkey cape for finding all of the monkeys kind of like penguin points, and some more SoF things). QBD came out today as well, it has to be taken on single player. You can't do it as a team. Cryptic Clue Fest is back.

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Runespan = Huge amounts of runecrafting xp for disproportionately little effort

Queen Black Dragon = Enormous new boss with some neat-o drops, but you're about as informed as we are currently

Song from the Deep = New low leveled quest with voice acting. Acts as a precursor to the QBD and has some handy rewards I guess

Squeal of Fortune = STILL HERE

Mad May = Nothing big, especially because you missed it entirely (for shame)

Bonfires = Easier XP for a skill that is all around shit


There's also been some chatter about a huge Runescape Super Fantastic Combat Evolution Mega Update coming up in a few months.







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