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Road to 99 Farming.

Do you like Farming?  

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  1. 1. Do you enjoy farming?

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56 Farming. =)


Early night tonight so I won't be on nearly as long. I will be having early nights until Wednesday. My exams and revision days are mon-wed and tomorrow I am helping at race for life with cadets which is an early start (need to be at my squadron for half 7). I will try and get at least one more level but I am not sure if its going to happen to be honest.

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Best of luck ~ it's always been my favourite skill; never got 99, alas.


I'll drop you a line of encouragement ingame, too ~ Dungeoneering gets dull after a while.

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Albel doesn't say anything anymore, just comes in, leaves an arrow and vanishes into the night :(Probably
practising some euphonium

You nearly had me fooled, you fooler you


9/10. To me, always associate Albel with musical stuff in OT.

Everyone with a goatee and glasses is Albel now.

lmfao albel m8 wat r u doin, hi though.



[hide=Runescape Achievements]99 firemaking(2007), 99 woodcutting(2008), 99 fletching(2009), 99 magic(2010), 99 cooking(2010), 99 farming(2011), 99 construction(2011), 99 runecrafting(2012), 99 Hunter (2014),  99 ranged (2015), 99 HP (2015), 99 Slayer (2015), 99 attack (2015) 99 Defense (2015) 99 Prayer (2015) 99 Summoning (2015) 99 Strength(2015) 99 Herblore (2015) 99 Dungeoneering (2017)  99 Mining (2017) 99 Crafting (2017) 99 Smithing (2017) 99 Thieving (2017)  99 invention (2017) 99 Fishing (2018), 99 Divination (2018), 99 Agility (2018), MAXED (05/17/2018)[/hide]

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Have you done as many relevant farming quests yet?


Have T1 greenfingers yet?

To answer your question as to what this is - greenfingers is an aura, introduced by the loyalty program. It increases harvest by 3% (therefore increasing xp by the same amount) T1 means tier 1. Every tier increases the chance by 2%. It also keeps stuff from dying for 20 minutes. You buy it from xuan in varrock with your loyalty points, 5k I think.


GL with farming, it's one of my favorites :)


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Bump, I only have about 5 minutes, so I can't go on Runescape right now, I will be on at like 4 GMT but its going to waste some XP... this is the same for tomorrow and probably worse for the weekend. I'm not rushing my 99 though, I won't enjoy rushing it and I do a LOT irl.

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Fortunately with fruit and normal trees, being offline a lot doesn't take away the bulk of the exp, although it does hinder the money making side to the skill which sucks,

good luck on 99 though, I'm considering pushing farming towards that level soon myself!


null and void

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