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Suggestion for a House Planner


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I have no intention of advertising other websites, so we'll call said website "X."


Now, I love Runetips, I go there for all my Runescape needs just as I'm sure anyone on this forum does as well; but one thing I did notice when I got really vested in planning my Roman Garden House was that we lacked a planner. I tried drawing it out on some papers, and a few might have come out rather decent, but in my frustration I eventually searched and found a House Planner. The House Planner was on website "X" and I hate website "X" because of my personal preferences; but they do have that planner.


I thought perhaps it would be a great addition to RuneTips if we could include our own house planner. I can provide the Website and the link to their House Planner on request as I don't want to advertise another Runescape Guide Website.

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Great idea! I'd like a link to that, please.


As long as it's not a malicious site, Tip.It doesn't mind if you post links. We're not as strict as other.. Um.. Zybez. :P.


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This is the link to the House Planner hosted on RuneHQ. As much as I don't like their website, this house planner is very nifty. Of course I'd suggest creating one from scratch but this is the idea of what I was suggesting. If anyone has any other examples or variations, please feel free to provide them and TipIt can have one that tower's overall!


Some Notable likes and dislikes about this particular planner IMO:



It has the doorways per room and where they face.

The rooms are clearly rotational.

Estimated Costs

Can Save, Load, and Share Layouts



The rooms can not be dragged, they must be turned on and off per square for minor adjustments.

It seems they went for a more practical take on something that could easily just be an adjustable picture.

Horrific colors

Their Drop downs come in chunks and makes pin-pointing a room difficult.



Their planner doesn't include the Menagerie


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The fansite RS B&B also has a house "designer" but it's even less enjoyable to use than the one on RuneHq.


I think this suggestion falls under the category of we've needed this for ages and it just hasn't been gotten around to but finally might now that the new site is almost done.

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Indeed, many new feature suggestions are being added to the list for the new website, since it would be wasted effort to code them for the current site. Once again Reivax, a good suggestion. I'll forward this to the tech team, and see if we can make a nicer one :P

Want to help the Tip.It Crew? Visit the Website Updates & Corrections forum!

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