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  1. 1. Which languages can you speak?

    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Mandarin
    • Russian
    • Arabic
    • Hindi
    • Japanese
    • Italian
    • Greek
    • Latin
    • Polish
    • other

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Spanish is my native language, fluent in Spanish and English, semi-fluent in Italian and Portuguese (can easily understand it, but got a few problems when trying to speak it myself). Know a bit of Latin (mostly from rhetoric and argumentation classes), can understand Catalan to some extent (more of a family thing).


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Fluent in English, and able to hold a conversation in French. My English is very well developed, and my French is rather fragmented at times, but I am able to get my point across. My main problem with French is hearing it and responding, because it's so difficult for me to understand it spoken. I can read and write it very well though. I can get the gist of something written in Spanish or German, but I cannot write it or speak it. I selectively learned some Swedish when I was younger but I have since forgotten it. I can read some Latin because I recognize words from the etymology of English ones, but once again, I cannot speak or write it. I'm practically fluent in Interlingua because of its similarities to both English and French, my main languages of study. Other than that I just know some random words from other languages here and there, mostly from music and etymologies. For example, I know that 'verevki' is Russian (Ukranian?) for "ropes," and "pilkunviilaaja" is Finnish for "comma [bleep]er" (grammar nazi).

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English, Romanian (amusingly enough, although Romanian is my mother tongue, I speak English a lot better), and French (although I usually have to ask people to repeat what they just said when I speak to them).


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I can speak (or use):


Norwegian Sign Language





I can read, understand, (but I don't speak in fear of mispronunciation):

Dutch (Flemish)






I've always been a language nerd.


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Fluent in English as it is my native language, 2.5 years of German, so I know it decently, and a bit of Spanish from grade school that is now coming back due to my brother's taking it. Know some American sign language, a bit of Latin (in terms of word roots, etc) and British vernacular...

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I'd have thought sign language to be a universal language. Not that I know how sign language works :P



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English as a native language, and I could hold a conversation in French, but I haven't had enough experience to really say that I'm fluent in it.


I'll be honest, being a native English speaker really doesn't provide you with many real-world incentives to learn much about other languages, but I'd feel a bit embarrassed if I couldn't answer this question with anything other than "English". Also, French is an elegant language.

~ W ~



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Fluent in English. Semi-decent French and German.

Know a few words and phrases in Spanish, Swedish, Czech and Japanese but wouldn't be able to string any kind of conversation together in them. Just bits and pieces I've picked up.

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