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Did you quit because of the Squeal of Fortune?



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  1. 1. See title.

    • Yes
    • No, and I don't plan to
    • No, I quit for other reasons
    • No, I quit before it was released
    • No, but I will if it gets any worse
    • Yes/no/indifferent, other reasons (Post)

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No, I'm not a quitter.

A lot of these updates which seem to frustrate a lot of people hasn't phased me at all. I just continue playing the game and having fun. I like spinning that wheel daily, and getting XP rewards, but I'm not going to buy any spins, or quit over it.


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No, I'm not a quitter.

A lot of these updates which seem to frustrate a lot of people hasn't phased me at all. I just continue playing the game and having fun. I like spinning that wheel daily, and getting XP rewards, but I'm not going to buy any spins, or quit over it.

Pretty much ditto. I can't think of a way that SoF has negatively impacted me, other than teasing me with items I'll never get. The lamps are a nice bonus here and there. To be honest, I practically play for OutfitScape, but already have better looking stuff than the Squeal can provide, so even all the cosmetics they've been releasing lately haven't really affected me. There's very little they can do in the way of tempting me to buy spins, but unlike Jeremy I would shamelessly buy a spin pack if they had anything I actually cared about.


I happen to believe that the people who buy spins for XP would probably have been spending that real money on cheating some other way, so the only difference now is that JaGEx is getting it and not some goldfarmer or other.


I've no idea what prices are like for item shops for other games, but I seriously doubt JaGEx would get very far selling Torva for a few hundred dollars. The people you hear about spending significant sums on spins are far rarer than their publicity would lead one to believe, and I'm sure the same would apply for buying items directly.


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The only update that made me go on a hiatus (taking a break) was the '07 removal. I'm actually contemplating quitting (because I'm finding less and less things to do), but I will stick around for the beta and I will at least try to get overloads.

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I'm not quitting directly because of updates. If they continue this long enough, the game may potentially not be fun for me anymore, at which point I would quit. But right now, that's not the case and I doubt it'll ever be before other reasons make me stop playing.

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I quit because of buyable spins more specifically. But that was the last drop. The effigy nerf and removal of f2p hiscores were important as well, as well as general stupidity by jmods.

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Nope, and I have no intentions of quitting any time soon, no matter how stupid the updates are.

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And I don't think the SOF is a very good reason to quit. If micro-transactions are fully introduced, then maybe.


However, I understand the need for Jagex to change and grow as a company, so hold no grudge against them.



If/when I quit for good, it would be because the game was no longer fun to play. The SOF does not affect my game play to the point that I find other parts of the game not enjoyable.


Sums it up nicely.

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Nope. Doesn't effect me in any negative way.


It's definitely a slippery slope towards the end of Runescape, but i won't quit until something actively ruins my experience with the game or it just stops being fun.


I think the combat update will be met with more quitters than new subscribers and that will really get the ball rolling towards the end of Runescape, or at least most of Jagex's concentration and money on it.


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Yes/kinda/maybe. SoF was kinda' the final nail in the coffin for me and playing RS for any length of time; for now at least. Yeah, it was simply a minor annoyance. And i still spun it for the free EXP; that was nice. Anything to break the grind.


But I'm just tired of the concept behind it and Jagex dancing around all the accusations. It would have so much different if they had said "Hey. It's micro transactions. We're doing it because we're a growing company, put out more content, and 5/6/7 bucks a month from our players isn't cutting it anymore. We know it'll be profitable, and we know some of you will quit. But we can't please everyone."


So, in a nutshell, i'm kinda in a hiatus because of SoF. I just lost interest in the bulk of what i used to do to enjoy the game. And not liking the company that develops the game you play doesn't help. So it's just an add-up of bad circumstances.


I'm still paying my membership, because it's 5 bucks a month and i find that worth what little i actually do in the game now. And i'm looking forward to the combat beta. Perhaps that will renew my interest. But for now, i only log in if i feel like playing a quick minigame or do my dailies if i want.

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I did quit because of the removal of f2p highscores, since then i have come back but dont play that much. The removal of the highscores were too much since then i have realised that the standards of jaegx have completely dropped and so wasnt surprised about the SoF or any future updates like it.

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Something like SoF which doesn't actually impact my day to day gaming I won't quit because of. I still enjoy RS the biggest shame about SoF is the effect its had on the community with some great people quitting e.g: Quyneax and of course the slippery slope is worrying. It also depresses me deeply because of the way they plug SoF all the time.

The kind of update that would actually make me quit is if they screwed up EoC because that would change the game so substantially it would be difficult to just ignore.

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I've never 'quit' the game in the 8 years I've played, I have taken long breaks though, one being almost two and a half years. I take breaks from the game when I get bored of playing it or my interest is taken by something else. Sure the SoF made me angry, but it's no reason to quit and I didn't take a break directly because of it. Although I have just come back from another month-or-so break :P

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