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C Hathcook

Fish Mask. The Next Rare?

Fish Mask. Rare of Flop.  

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  1. 1. Will the fish mask be a worthwhile rare?

    • Worthless. Sell them all.
    • Worth GE price. No more, no less.
    • It's worth a shot. Keep a couple.
    • It is rare. Get them while you can.
    • I sold everything I had to buy 1. It will be worth billions.

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I can see a few smart merchants buying them all up once they stop being on the wheel and bottlenecking the supply therefore possibly increasing demand and prices, if they keep a good majority from the public marker I could see people buying them 10m+ but that would still require a ton of initial buyers and money to monopolize the market

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With all the updates between now and December and depending on market trends... I hope so.

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It seems likely that it will bubble up once people realize that the Fish Mask is no longer on the Uncommon slots, i.e. when they get tomorrow's spins. There are plenty of people who don't quite keep up with every detail of the news.

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