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Hello everyone

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Hey guys, I'm Damo, I used to play Runescape a long time ago, I stopped playing around when they originally removed free trade and the wilderness in 2007 I think it was, I played maybe 1 or 2 weeks here and there over the last few years but nothing serious. I checked out the website today and its peaked my interest, does it still have a serious problem with bots? Last year or so there where bots everywhere.


What new has happened? I'm looking to get back into it until at least Guild Wars 2 comes out.

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On the bot front, back in October, Jagex nuked all of the injection and reflection style bots (screen scrapers still worked, but were rarely used). They also nuked most peoples frame rate.


Its been enough time that screen scraper style bots have taken off in popularity, and pushed to the limits of what they can do, and I think some of the injection bots are also working again. The new plan is Optimus, being headed by a former bot developer, which has been released for a few weeks now. Optimus is a platform from which they can launch many anti bot moves to keep them on their toes, and ultimately be much more effective long term (or so everyone hopes).


I can't say I've been paying a lot of attention, but I think the bot situation is still better than it was last September (it was just terrible then. Worst I had ever seen). With any luck, we will see the anti bot stuff being released pretty soon.

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Welcome back Damo. :)


Like Randox said, bots have mostly been taken care of but are starting to seep back in. As far as I know the only stage of Optimus that has been released was to optimize fps for as many people as possible. The main chunk of it to deal with the remaining bots is yet to come, so soon there will (hopefully) be none.


You've picked a good time to return. :thumbup:



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