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Herblore training for Ovls


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Hi, basically i'm 87 herblore at the minute with about:


450 ext att, def, str

250 ext magic pots

No ext range potions

450 spec restores

380 sup anti fires


My immediate goal is to get 91 herblore and have about 400 Overloads ( I will put up with finding a +5 boost) but obviously I need to get 4 more herblore levels.


The plan is too make about 200 ext att and 200 ext str potions, 450 ext range potions, 250 extreme magic potions. This will barely get me one level higher.


Basically would it be better to make about 10k super restores to sell, which are about 2gp/exp at the moment or make more untradables, even though I probably won't ever use them, making them in theory a waste of money.


Also is it worth making any super prayers?



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Unless you are very much positive that you won't need that many overloads, I would go untradeables all the way.

400 Overloads really isn't that much. I would advise making at least 1k, that way you can overload for all combat.


I've never been bossing, so I'm not sure about super prayers. My first reaction is no.

Working on max and completionist capes.


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Super prayers are not worth it if you do for some reason want to use super prayers just make them and use them do not use them to train. I would personally recommend making untradeables all the way. 400 overloads will be used up surprisingly quickly. When I did it extreme melee's were pretty cheap gp/xp so even if you want to only make 400 overloads make a 1000 or more extreme strengths and attacks to either be used later when you make more overloads or as a cheaper option in combat.


Having said that - if you're struggling for money and you need some overloads to start bossing were they will significantly improve your earning potential it may be more sensible to really push to get some overloads (even just 400) so that you can some more money quicker. Of course now you get into whether the extra money you make through the use of overloads is worth the time wasted not making untradeable potions this all depends on your income.


EDIT: Also did I DG with you earlier? My RSN is Waun

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Super prayers are very slow to make, something like 600 doses per hour. It's not worth using them at any boss, but for PvP they are nice (because in the end, the value of defeating someone far exceeds the minutes spent grinding bones :P).


I'd make supplies for 2k+ overloads at least.

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I made about 1.4k of each extreme dose (3), and I made 300 Extreme strength/attack dose (4). That got me from 85 to 91 with a little help from effigies. You could even make some extreme mage/range dose (4) for training purposes.

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