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Runescape in minecraft - The Barrows [Fully Playable]


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Some may remember a while back when I uploaded a video where I showed the Grand Exchange in Minecraft. Well, after a long break in building Runescape areas, I come back with a fully playable Barrows Map.


I have a video showcasing the map as well as a playthrough of it for those having trouble completing the map (or for those who want to see the map before playing it.) Preferably watch it on youtube for better resolution.




If you want to download and try it, here are some links:


Direct Download: [Not available on tip.it url blocked.]

Planet Minecraft: http://www.planetmin...fully-playable/

Minecraft Forum: http://www.minecraft...fully-playable/

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That's a common suggestion from my subscribers, but it's too much work imo. :P


I prefer to focus on the areas I like or find cool. If I had the spare time, I'd make all of Runescape though. It's a grand project.

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