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Account Creation and Servers down


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I'm just wondering how the account creation bar is still going up every three seconds or so. Yet all the servers are down.


Saw people spamming it all over the RSOF forums. But tbh it's a good point.


I'm trying to create a new account and it's not working. I clicked register next to the login button and the "Play Free Now" button. Idk if there's a different way to access account creation.




So I guess is Jagex pulling our legs? This kind of reminds me of the wilderness poll. Even though with or w/o manipulation the poll still would have been in favor of free trade.





Anyways if this thread isn't allowed or something feel free to lock.

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I never thought that ticker was accurate anyway. This is just proof that it's a loose estimate at best.


I also thought it was incredibly silly to start the hype about 200m accounts when they were still ~2mil away.

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The ticker may also not be in real time too. And apparently you can still make accounts through the main page, just not through the game itself. *Shrugs*

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This is bordering on conspiracy theories... I can't stand it when people yammer on about conspiracy theories because they are usually very insecure people.


QUICK wrap your head in a wet towel! It'll jam Jagex's mind reading satellites from collecting our credit card info!

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If you go incognito mode or delete all cookied and access runescape.com, you can access account creation right from the page that appears. That still worked when the servers crashed.


Also world 68 never crashed.

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Wonder if this was anything to do with the leap second bug that lots of online companies experienced?



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I would believe it increases at a set rate, retrieving the real numbers every time you load the page. But then again,I disconnected my net and the umbers stopped.


I believe it increases at a set rate by contacting the Jagex servers using AJAX. So if your web goes down the page can't use AJAX to update. However I don't believe the number on the server end is necessarily life time, I think it filters through all account creations and it does take time. We can't be sure exactly how fast bots/others create new accounts, but I imagine bots can create a lot of accounts very fast.. The server end probably can't keep updated that fast. So they've throttled the numbers, and when the game server went down it was catching up?


That or they've used AJAX for some reason but the counter is fake anyways...

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