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Hey everyone!

The crew will be using this topic to ask for help with any hard-to-get items or information. If you have access to such content, please post! We greatly appreciate your help and will gladly give credit where it is due :thumbup:


Current Tasks


1. The Crucible: Calling all PKers! Our guide for the Crucible is almost complete, we just need the images and stats for the following items:

  • Supreme champion's helm
  • Annihilation
  • Decimation
  • Obliteration
  • Corrupt rogue gloves
  • Nasty rogue gloves
  • Malicious rogue gloves
  • Loathsome rogue gloves
  • Atrocious rogue gloves

Please post a picture of the item in your inventory, and a picture of the item equipped, showing its stats.


2. Court Cases: If you ever receive a court summons for one of the cases still missing info in this research topic, please post a walkthrough of the case! Ultimately, we want to be able to provide detailed walkthroughs of every case for those who have trouble solving them.


3. Missing Aura Examines: We need the examines for a few auras, listed below:

  • Ancestor Spirits
  • Berserker

Please post a picture of the examine ingame to confirm!

Many thanks again for your help with these tasks! All users involved will be credited! :)


If you want to help the website even more, check out the Website Updates & Corrections forum!

Want to help the Tip.It Crew? Visit the Website Updates & Corrections forum!

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Invigorate examine: Increases special attack regeneration by 20%.

Tracker examine: Increases your chance of successfully trapping a creature by 3%.







[spoiler=Rare Drops/Splits (Feb 2013 - ??)]




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