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WTF is wrong with accessing certain worlds from the Client?


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I'm starting to really fed up with this, when I try to get into certain worlds via the Client I keep getting the message 'Your Account has not logged out from the last session. Try again in a few minutes'.


This usually happens with W77, as well as a few others.


On most other worlds I can get logged in if just retry the same world, but not with 77.


Anyone else having problems, or is it just me?



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I find this happening on 100% of worlds I use in browser since like wednesday. It always goes in on the 2nd try, but first try (aside from very first log on of the day) always yields not logged out. Yet friends etc. confirm I am deffo not online and there's no ip/game movements for it to be a hacker or something of that ilk.


Seems to be a slight bug Jagex's end probably related to the beta servers functions I'd imagine.


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Hi all,


Many of you are creating threads explaining the issue with being unable to login to certain worlds specifically with the message...


'Your account has not logged out from it's last session..'


This is nothing to fear and is the result of your account simply being 'server locked' as a result of a minor world failure locking your account to a world for approximately 15 minutes.


I'll look to explain what it happening on these worlds further. The two most reported worlds, 77 & 84 are experiencing what we call 'High Load' which is a direct result of overwhelming traffic between the worlds hosted on that particular server. This results in the frequent issues you have been seeing.


Whilst we explore an alternative to this issue, I would recommend you attempt to make use of other worlds suitable to your activity as to avoid this issue affecting you any further.


Thanks for being patient and your continued cooperation is most appreciated. blk.gif




~Mod Reach


Not just you.


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Multiple attempts at logging into the world has worked for me in the past (Or wait for a little while, to get 'unlocked' from the server).


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