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No more Bonus XP weekends


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A bit surprising, but then again it doesn't affect me personally. However it might inconvenient for others.

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They finally realized. :P Doesn't matter to me, I don't need exp these days.


The next step I see is buyable bonus exp like with the refer-a-sideaccount.

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GOOD! I was getting sick of them and their effect on the ekomoney.







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I guess we'll seen some more items similar to the 'mad may' necklace soon. Be p2p for 6 months to receive a new 'Furious Halfyear Ring' granting 500k bonus experience! It has never been a better time to subscribe!

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Good thing I just used up all of my charms. :lol:

Pity for those without Overloads, as they did save a ton of money when it came down to it. :/


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inb4 SOF comment


Oh well, I did buyables all the time on those weekends, was gonna move onto agility now that it's the worst skill.


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Some of the big negatives probably include the possibility of hurting their Squeal of Fortune sales.


I hope this means they're going to be releasing more items like the Haiti gloves and not "bonus xp tokens" or something of that sort to the Squeal of Fortune.


inb4 SOF comment



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The bonus weekends really were pretty volatile in their impact on the economy and ability of players. You could get a lot done on the weekends, and it really wasn't balanced. While fair, and helpful to those who don't have billions of gp, i hope they replace them with something similar to the Hati paws instead of the bonus on the weekend.

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In lieu of this, I'd like to see some 'replacements' along the lines of the botnuke week. Mind you, xp is fast becoming irrelevant to me, but having a Double Dg weekend or alike would be nice.


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Good riddance. My hope is that it doesn't suddenly shift to buyable experience lamps or tokens.

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Oh that’s a common dialect of PRspeak, fortunately I have received language training for this tongue. Let me just translate that into English for you ;)




Just a quick post to let you know that we are worried that bonus XP weekends are giving you too much XP for free. We have run these for the last few years but we’re now afraid they are negatively impacting our SoF profits.


We have some bonus XP promotions planned for the future, but apart from involving you paying for it, we don’t know what form they will take. We wanted to let you know early so you don't flame us too much on the forums when you realize. So for those of you buying stocks up trying to make a quick profit or preparing for future bonus XP weekends... stock up on money instead!


Actually, we're organizing some flashy meager XP giving events to keep you distracted from this change, of course for members only, don't forget to help up hype them.


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I can't say I'm too disappointed. These things were always more stressful than they're worth.

This. I just hope that replacements are more like hati boots/gloves which have somewhat of an actual lore reason for existing rather than raf bonus/mad may necklace. Also items that give x bonus xp rather than 10 hours.


Then again I know it'll be a SOF rare reward "Turkey hat" that gives 2m bonus xp, or something.





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well, good. bxpw was a nice bonus, but the bubbles it creaded wreacked havoc on the economy short term, and i you couldn't play that weekend, you were SOL.



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Dang.. I always enjoyed BXPW, especially for the farm runs and the summoning training at the end. :P.


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I'm kind of glad to see this. It was a little disappointing that some people were only leveling up thanks to bonus XP weekend making it easy.

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SO glad I got 95 herb already. I think it's a bad thing to have it removed only because of herblore.

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They should introduce new ways to train herblore, rather than a twice a year weekend where it is easier.

This so much.

I remember when hh came out, I thought it'd be a cheap way to level herblore, but it was pretty much just a hunter update (which I'm very much grateful for). I just don't want to camp ganos for 50 hours to buy 99 herb.

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