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Foggy Frontiers

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Because of the nature of hegemony, the game is normally centered on the person with the highest GDP creating the largest army and securing control regardless of political issues and other issues. So, instead of the game being like a game of Risk in which the board is open to players and all of the world’s military and political information, you will have to rely on media and reconnaissance to give you information about the world. The game will be centered around emailing or PMing me with information and I will email or PM you the current news in the country. I aim to create about 4-6 reports a day and maybe more depending on the time I have.

Unless you cooperate you may not even know the who leads a country until the end game.



You are to be instated as leader of a country of your choice.

The game will start on the 19th of June providing there are enough players (2+)


Rules –

One day – One year

Use realistic (and cited) amounts for units


I would rather use email as it is easier for me but I wouldn’t mind PM’s. Post on the thread saying that you’re playing but the rest of your actions should be handled privately.

[email protected]


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Sounds interesting. Only thing is that it seems to lack the social aspect that makes Hegemony interesting. Also not being able to confirm that you're the leader of a country to someone else is an issue that comes to mind. :P

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Thanks, hopefully the social aspect will still exist but there won't be any immediate ways to verify things. I'll try to work around it but I'm not sure how things will work until the game starts.


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The simple work around is:

Player: Offer Such and such an alliance.

GM: I will offer them an alliance

GM: Such and such player offers you an alliance

Other player: I wonder if it is an NPC alliance or a player alliance?

GM: Who knows...



But yeah, people rarely co-operate in any strong detail, and knowing who the leaders of other countries are just leaves a bunch of abuses open...like borrowing money from Paul in all circumstances.


However this system leaves itself open to 'I take over Iran, put a nuke in a suitcase and mail it to the whitehouse' or something more feasible...like 'I take over Russia, continue my space program, and casually blow up a nuclear powered rocket over America to act as an EMP, then launch an all out strategic strike on their nuclear weapons and command infrastructure. Oh, also I change the name to Jen's Republic, change my name to Jen and announce an Anthrax program to be developed in New Wasteland(Norway). I also take over Germany and lead the Anti-Jen alliance. ~ Dusty'

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