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10 Year Veteran Cape + Solomon's Store, 17th July


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10 Year veteran cape:



Hey all,


Today sees the long-awaited launch of the 10 Year Veteran Cape – a cape available only to members that have been playing RuneScape for 10 years or more. A lot can happen in 10 years - just take a look at RuneScape back in 2002!

The gates of Gielinor had barely been open a year when Ardougne made its first appearance on the map, and the poor (or should that be rich?) Carnilleans first fell victim to the heinous Hazeel Cult. 2002 was also the year that Tutorial Island welcomed many new visitors to RuneScape, and many an adventurer also met their demise at the hands of the newly-arrived King Black Dragon!

Back in the real world, 2002 saw Japan and Korea host the FIFA World Cup, and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers first hit cinema screens.

If you’ve been playing our game for 10 years, you certainly deserve a special item to mark this magnificent commitment. This prestigious garment is is available to members only, a members item and it can be purchased from Hans, who can be found in the grounds of Lumbridge Castle.

Before you head off to get your cape and enjoy its impressive new emote, we’d just like to say a big thank you to all of our loyal players, and we look forward to creating further veteran capes as and when each new milestone arrives!

1 thing to clear up, Runeday Zero was on the 27th Feburary 2002! Im sure you can count the days from then to see if you are eligable

A minor note, Hans currently does not tell you how long till you reach the cape, this is being sorted . Should be with you soon.



Picture of cape (Thanks Urza285!)









Solomon - a genie of exquisite taste and distinction - has a plethora of exclusive merchandise to enhance your characters' appearance, and is offering them for purchase in his boutique: Solomon's General Store.

There are costumes - become a cunning Assassin or a debonair swashbuckler, and visual enhancements for your weapons - how about a Pactbreaker longsword?; there are also animations that change how you skill and teleport; a variety of emotes; and a host of new titles. Last, but certainly not least, a banner that allows you to stamp your mark on Gielinor!

Free players and members alike will have access to this store from within the game, and as a celebration of his store's 'Grand Opening', Solomon is offering all first time visitors to his store 200 RuneCoins to spend.

That's on top of the 10% that all members receive in the store - permanently!

Alongside Solomon’s General Store is the new Customisation System. This lets you change your appearance without losing the stats from your regular worn items, set up new animation overrides and manage your titles. It also allows you to preview the various items and animations available in Solomon’s General Store, so you can view them on your character before making a purchase. This dressing room even lets you save costume combinations for the future. The Customisation System can be accessed at any time from your Worn Equipment tab.

RuneCoins are a new currency that we've introduced purely for Solomon's General Store and they're available for purchase through the Jagex billing system, accessed either here or via the Buy RuneCoins button from inside the Store itself.

And remember for our members, we have a discount of 10% on all items available in the Store!

Please note that that items purchased from the store are untradeable.

Take a look at our FAQ or Help Guide if you have further questions, or drop into the forums to let us know what items you’d love to see next.


In other news:

The Scream emote is now available in the Members Loyalty Programme store at the discounted price of 4500 loyalty points.





In addition, today's update also brought you the ability to buy costume parts / animations / titles for your character. The cosmetic items, which cannot be found elsewhere ingame are bought using runecoins can be bought using real life cash.


The ability to buy the items is found at the SOF tab, and a new 'Customise' Tab found in your Equipment screen.


You are able to get 200 free Runecoins once. If you want more you can buy runecoins. There are several packages, but 200 runecoins are being sold for 4 euros / 5 dollars. There is a 10% Member discount on all the items of Solomon's Store. Item prices vary from 10 coins to 16200 coins.


Solomon's Great Store FAQ


Why has Solomon's General Store been added to RuneScape?

We've seen growing demand from players for a wider range of appearances and more customisation. The new Store and in-game Customisation System does this by offering a greater variety of visual options and by giving more freedom and control over your appearance.


What's this new Customisation System?

The Customisation System is a new feature which allows you to choose your appearance independent of what regular items are being worn – it's basically a cosmetic re-skin which leaves your original gear intact. It also allows players to override standard gameplay animations with alternate animations. We have also included a means for players to manage their Titles into this interface, too.


What are RuneCoins?

RuneCoins are a new currency used exclusively for Solomon's General Store. They cannot be traded or transferred between accounts.


How can I get more RuneCoins?

RuneCoins are available for purchase through the Jagex billing system, accessed either via the Memebers Benefits page or just use the “Buy RuneCoins” button from inside the Store itself. Game Cards will soon be redeemable for RuneCoins, too. RuneCoins are not available through gameplay and they do not exist inside the RuneScape game world.


Can I use other currencies such as loyalty points, spins or gold to buy these items?

No, only RuneCoins can be used.


Why are you charging for items?

The new Customisation System requires a lot more development effort per item, and we're also taking longer when making the content to make sure it's extra special. By charging for the items themselves it means we don't pass on these costs on to those who aren't interested in using them.


Can I purchase items from Solomon's General Store if I'm a free player?

Yes, items are available to both free players and members, with members benefiting from a 10% discount inside the Store.


Do I still get the benefits of my regular items, such as stats and other bonus effects?

Yes, the Customisation System purely effects the visual appearance of your avatar. All other gameplay elements are unaffected.


Can other players see my customised avatar clothing and animations?

Yes, everyone sees the effects of the Customisation System.


Can I gain a gameplay advantage with the new customisation system?

No, definitely not. None of the items from Solomon's General Store affect gameplay and they have no stats, including weapon accessories. To prevent players hiding their real items before fighting others, when entering any PvP area your customisation outfit & accessories are automatically switched off. When you've left the PvP area they will automatically come back on again. In terms of customised animations, all of the same underlying timings and gameplay mechanics apply, so nothing happens any faster or slower than before.


Do items from the Solomon's General Store take up space in my inventory or bank?

No, rather than being physical items which live in your inventory or bank, most purchases in the Store are virtual items which take up no space. They are essentially an 'unlock' for your account. Through the customisation interface you can activate the wardrobe items or animations at any time, without the need to visit a bank. The only exception (at launch) is the Achievement Banner object which is a physical in-game item which can be placed in your inventory and bank.


Can I sell or trade items I've bought from Solomon's General Store?

No, Store items cannot be traded or transferred in any way, whether to players or NPCs.


What happens to items bought from Solomon's General Store if I die?

You can't lose them if you die; they're not dropped nor are they converted to cash.


Can I change the colour of these outfits?

Yes, a key feature of this new system is that almost all outfits pieces have parts which can be re-coloured. Within the customisation interface you can choose to 'Re-colour All' and change the colour across the whole outfit, or on each section you can individually 'Re-colour' each piece. The preview panel in the store demonstrates which outfit pieces can be re-coloured.


Do I need to buy male and female items separately?

Nope, as with the rest of RuneScape, items are always for both sexes and when a piece of clothing is worn the correct version is automatically displayed. All purchases come with male and female versions.


What if I want to wear a piece of clothing from the opposite sex?

You can change your character's gender at the Makeover Mage but otherwise this is not possible.


Can I see how my avatar looks wearing an item from Solomon's General Store before committing to buy it?

Yes, within the in-game Customisation interface you can preview wardrobe items and animations on your avatar.


Can I use items bought in Solomon's General Store, or the new Customisation System, in the Evolution of combat beta?

No, these features are not included in the beta program, but when the evolution of Combat launches in the live game later this year both systems will work together.


Are you going to add more items to Solomon's General Store?

Yes, we intend to add new content at regular intervals.


I really want to dress up like...

Definitely let us know your thoughts for what wardrobe items, titles, animations, emotes and other things you'd love to see in the Store. We love your ideas and feedback, so please visit Solomon's General Store forum (link this) with to let us know.


Can I purchase an item more than once?

Currently, all items in the Store only need to be bought once. Having purchased the item you can always access it from the Customisation interface, and they cannot be misplaced or destroyed, so there is never a need to purchase it again.


What is happening to the loyalty shop?

Xuan and his loyalty shop are popular amongst RuneScape members and they're definitely going to stay in the game. We've been regularly adding content to the loyalty shop and there is now a large selection of items available. We'll continue to assess how the loyalty shop is being used and when it's the right time to add new items.


Are items from Solomon's General Store going to be available on the Squeal of Fortune or in the Loyalty Shop?

No, we have no intentions to ever do this.


Can I use existing cosmetic items inside the new Customisation System?

Unfortunately not. The Customisation System is a new feature which needs the items to be built specifically for it, so old items cannot be imported.


Are there going to be fewer content updates to RuneScape because the team are making items for Solomon's General Store?

The RuneScape team has grown in the last year to add capacity for new initiatives like Solomon's General Store, to keep raising our release quality and to take on ambitiously large projects like the Evolution of Combat. We're committed to being one of the world's most frequently updated games and to constantly deliver fantastic new gameplay content to all types of RuneScape players.


Is Solomon's General Store anything to do with the General Store NPCs which already exist in RuneScape?

No, this is Solomon's own unique enterprise and doesn't relate to existing in-game content.


Can you tell me more about Solomon?

Solomon is an entrepreneurial genie of exquisite taste and distinction who runs a boutique shop inside a magic lamp. The Store's motto is "Purveyors of fine goods and ingenious items". It exists in a reality somewhere between Gielinor and our own world. His service includes the shrinking of clients to fit into his lamp, the manifestation of the required item, and the enlargement of the client once they're done – exhausting all three of the wishes that he is contractually obliged to offer.[/hide]



The new SOF / RWT Tab.



The updated customation part, including a new outfit and the 'open shop' button.







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No official post on 'scape website yet, but basically a character customization option in the equipment tab:




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Also when you log in the banner is 'Solomon's General Store Grand Opening' ..


For which you seem to need Runecoins and is in the same tab as SoF let the shit storm begin :)


But is still only 'coming soon'.

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"Runecoins" seem to be the method of buying stuff from his stuff. When you click to buy Runecoins it says coming soon. Assuming they are selling Runecoins so people can buy outfits and such. If this is the only way of obtaining these outfits.. dear god.

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What exactly counts as a cosmetic item? Also a bit worrying..

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I'm assuming rares/things such as flippers bunny ears scythes etc etc etc. I'm really struggling to find any necessary reason for a change like this lol.


E: friend just informed me, anything with 0 stat bonus can no longer be taken in the wild.


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I guess this is it, the moment we all saw coming.... Where jagex uses the precedent set by Squeal Of Fortune to put in a light form RWT. I bet they'll claim it's not really RWT as we're buying "coins" that can be spent on items and such, not the actual items themselves....



Next up, we'll be able to buy armour and then in-game cash with our real world money... *sigh* jagex, oh jagex...........


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Pic of back




Emote - Jumps in the air in a cross shape then the letter X appears and you break out of it.




Mercifull <3 Suzi

"We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in RuneScape" Jagex 01/04/01 - 02/03/12

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It seems like there are a lot of glitches with today's update. Solomon's store is not working at the moment (lol), my max cape can't be customised, some weapons are invisible when equipped.


Equipment glitch:





I do not know if this is new, but I got an video ad for members when I logged on my f2p account. It was around 30 sec long , and I was unable to close it.

The video starts everytime I log into f2p.



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Er swear I posted this already but my post seems to have gone...?


Also I tried wearing a phat/queen guards hat in wildy, still could and people could still see it. Kept getting that message though.

Check it out, huge amount of effort has gone into this massive mod!


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My only hope is this FINALLY makes a certain subset of stupid people understand the V on normal vet cape is roman numeral 5 and not V for veteran. One of my pet peeves was people claiming it was V for veteran when Jagex themselves even said it was V for 5 and you could see by the little tail things on top it was the roman numeral style font and not just a letter.


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Tbh as long as Soloman is cosmetic items only I'm not too fussed with it. Though it is another step in a direction I dislike for Jagex; but as long as you are only buying looks and not actual benefits it's not too bad.

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Operation Gold Sparkles :: Chompy Kills ::  Full Profound :: Champions :: Barbarian Notes :: Champions Tackle Box :: MA Rewards

Dragonkin Journals :: Ports Stories :: Elder Chronicles :: Boss Slayer :: Penance King :: Kal'gerion Titles :: Gold Statue

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Jagex can't even do microtransactions right. NORMALLY you either have a p2p model or f2p with microtransactions, RuneScape has both. But then to make it even worse they have TWO types of microtransactions... the Squeel AND now runecoins/Solomon... :S This can only end in disaster.

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Mercifull <3 Suzi

"We don't want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldn't affect your ability to be successful in RuneScape" Jagex 01/04/01 - 02/03/12

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What an ugly cape. Blah! Basic dull shape with way too much stuff going on at once. Oh well, it's not like the stats would make it worth wearing. Still gotta try if I can buy one yet..


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