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Please thoroughly read the before posting your questions or comments. Also make sure you read the other sticky posts too, older posts for similar questions and also the Knowledge Base.

Note that unofficial Mac systems such as 'Hackintoshes' or running under virtual machines/emulators are not supported.



Note: If this doesn't solve your problem, make a post in the forum with detailed information including screenshots and crash reports (if applicable). If you don't do this your topic will be locked. Help us help you.




SwiftKit does not work for me.

Try the following steps:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of OS X and Java. Use the Apple logo menu up the top left of your screen ">Software Update..." to do this.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of SwiftKit. This can be downloaded from swiftkit.net
  • Try trashing your old SwiftKit preferences file. Open the Terminal in your /Applications/Utilities folder and use the following command
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/net.swiftkit.SwiftKit.plist

Hey I found a bug!

SwiftKit Mac is currently at a BETA stage. Although bugs are not intended they are expected. If no solution was found by the end of this document, post here and explain your problem as best you can.


SwiftKit for Windows has feature 'XYZ', why doesn't the Mac version have this?

SwiftKit for the Mac has been entirely rewritten from the ground up using a completely different programming language than the Windows version. This means features from the Windows counterpart will be gradually introduced as we continue development. Please bare with us, eventually we want to include all the nifty features you love from the original.


How can I resize the window?

Click and drag the bottom right hand corner of SwiftKit. The standard diagonal resize lines in the bottom right are hidden by the applet when playing, making it look as if the window does not resize. Note that resizing while playing may cause Java to crash. If possible, log out before attempting this.


I am having problems playing RuneScape with SwiftKit.

Try and play through Safari - both SwiftKit and Safari use WebKit to render and handle the web pages. If you are also having problems playing through Safari then the problem lies somewhere other than SwiftKit.


Every time I try to play I get a Java confirmation window asking me to allow the applet to run.

This is not related to SwiftKit, but Mac OS X in general. A security feature of the OS is to manually approve Java applets before they can execute code on the system. This is to prevent potentially malicious code (malware) from infecting your system. Since RuneScape is obviously safe, you can safely accept these prompts. Since the RuneScape game is loaded from over 100 different locations (worlds) each time you click 'Play Now', you must allow the applet to run for each different world. You shouldn't be prompted if you've loaded the game from that particular world before.


Java does not load and instead I get a coffee mug and a red exclamation mark.

This is not related to SwiftKit. You can fix this by opening Java Preferences in your /Applications/Utilities folder. Select the general tab then for all the rows in the list box select the "Options..." button. If you have previously put in a little snippet of text here to enable particle effects and other advanced graphics when playing, make sure it is spelled correctly. It should be exactly "-Xmx200m", if you misspell this (for example "-xmx200m" you will get the red exclamation mark. If this still does not work, go ahead and remove all parameters from the text box.



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