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Looking for Farming/Skilling Clan

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I was wondering if there was a clan out there that is specifically based around farming. If not, I will be willing to join any other skilling clan for help that I need. If you have any questions please post them here, PM me, or add me in game as MithrilLlama. If you wish to invite me please do the same.

Thanks! :)


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Hi there Green :cool:


PLAY WITH HONOUR is a clan for all players of all levels. We were created on August 1st, 2010.


Honour by definition means "A code of honesty, fairness, integrity, dignity, and pride". Our members have these qualities and our mantra is to have the most drama-free, supportive, and friendly clan in Runescape.


We are a clan that is run by adults for everyone to enjoy as long as you are willing to have fun as a part of our awesome community and you are mature and respectful.


We do not support merchanting for the purpose of price manipulation. Discussion of price manipulation is also not welcome. We prefer to work towards our goals as Jagex intended in the true spirit of the game. We are a fountain of great advice with all levels of players from pure level 3 skillers to level 138 beasts! Events are occasionally scheduled, but never mandatory.


Our rules are simple as they all revolve around respect for ourselves and each other. Breaking the rules may result in a deranking. The rules are simple and easy to follow. Your rank is a privilege, not a right and quite frankly disrespectful, rude, negative people or people who can't follow the rules are not welcome. We are not here to babysit you.


If you plan to AFK while in the clan chat, do not apply. Being in PwH is about the great community, playing honourably and being active in the cc. If you are not interested in being interactive in the cc, do not apply. Persistent, unresponsive AFK-like players will be considered inactive and deranked.


You must bump the thread weekly to not lose your rank. Bumping helps with recruitment, is a way to share information and is how we monitor clan activity.


Clan chat: PwH


Clan home world: 91


QFC: 288-289-754-63749248


We have a tier 6 Citadel with a volunteer scheme for maintaining it, and a fair few of our clan are daily farmers.


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