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Have some respect for yourself and avoid lava flow entirely. The xp is outrageously slow and it's a total waste of time. Just grind it out at granite. If you absolutely need to afk, go to runespan.

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Runespan is for Runecrafting, not mining.


I also suggest granite or iron ore. (Depositing the iron ore at the Falador mines resource dungeon deposit box)


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Hedge is saying that if you value AFKing so much as to train at lava flow mine, you might as well afk runespan as its far more efficient and train mining at something like triple speed of LFM when you don't need to afk.

That being said, if you ever have any intention of getting the golden mining suit it would be best to do it now, both because it'll give a greater boost in the long run and because better methods reveal themselves within a few levels.

Granite isn't too terrible. Use the triple spot in the southwest. (?)





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2.5% mining exp isnt worth it?

Let's say you take 15 hours to get the suit (not an unreasonable estimate from what I hear). You get 35k xp/hr and end up at 80 mining, 2m xp, with 11m to 99. Concentrated gold to 99 averages a bit over 90k xp/hr without the mining suit (chosen for convenience, should be fairly accurate). You'd spend 120 hours getting 99 mining without the suit. 117 hours with the suit (actually urns don't get boosted by the suit, nor do strange rocks or SoF lamps, so it's a little less).


So the question is, could you get the 525k mining xp from Lava Flow faster than the 15 hours spent there minus the 3 hours saved getting 99 mining? That's the equivalent of ~43k xp/hr which is very easy to maintain at granite.


On the other hand, the suit takes only about 6 hours to obtain (2-3 hours saved to 99 + 6-7 hours of xp). So if that's worth it to you...

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