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137 looking for a clan


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Hello, I'm Jhev.


I'm looking for a clan that does PvM, Skilling, and Skilling competitions. No PvP. A clan website would make things much better, and I'm not talking about a website within the Runescape site. I hate logging into rsof. A relaxed clan, and a socail clan also within the other things I listed would be awesome.


New clan is ok. Not into really big clans with 50+ members.


I forgot to add, I have 2238 total level, including 96 Summoning, 88 Herb, 85 Dungeoneering (have one chaotic), and 95 Prayer.

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Do you remember Ava? ;)


Join us :D Hehehe


We are above 50 members, but not by much. We don't have any PvP. We're into bosses and such. Anyhow, I just thought I'd throw it out there for you to consider. I actually can't remember if you tried out TDM already. XD




~ Ava



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