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Even without the bots, it's still a pretty crappy task.


Not worth wasting a skip on in my opinion, as the babies can be killed very quickly. However, they are rather spread out. Another bad task released = another stealth nerf to slayer xp rates.







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I also did the babies, but I used to dart em, just to cover the space in between them.

Anyway, glad I'm 99slayer now, no more worries about *$%^£ bots annoying me...

2016 goals: all skills +30mil xp - Completed this goal 11th December 2016 smile.gif
2017 goals: get at least 3 more master capes (start xp: invention [email protected] Jan, mining [email protected] April & ranged 76/104mil [email protected] 20th) & all skills +40mil xp (done 24th August)

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