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Old, uncommon, or outdated training methods


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I remember when people said that you had to have Guthan's set to be able to beat the Fight Caves.

Needless to say it took me a year to obtain it, and the month after I finally score a Fire Cape they released the Capes of Accomplishment :P


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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-Picking up wooden shield from the varrock spawn and selling them at the falador shield shop

-Gathering hundreds of cow hides for a person, getting mith armor in return

-Making rope in Draynor and Selling

-Lobster catching on karamja dock and certing at the trader in brimhaven, 1-2 weeks for full rune, which I lost 20 minutes later in the Wild

-Certing and uncerting mass quantities of supplies earning a wage

-Then selling 1 Shark Cert for 5 k each

-Coal mining in dwaven mines, bank in edge (before stairwell to falador)

-Selling moss giant drops for good money, when black armor was hard to come by and spinach rolls were considered rare-ish and tradeable


That's all of the Classic I can think of.

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I used to own a hotel at the Blue Moon Inn back in runescape classic. also i owned a bakery at the cook's guild. sold rooms and room service for a few gp. also i sold bread at the cook's guild for some gps. lol good times...


Main: Snw rifleman - FINISHED DESERT TRESURE 11/5/08 WOO


Just your typical asian who likes to play games =)

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For me it was selling un ids (unidentified herbs...in the days when you had to clean them to find out what they were) and I had a regular 'job' of making 10k steel arrows at a time on commission :wink: and I made them from scratch, mined the ore, collected the feathers etc, etc.

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Ah nostalgia.


Killing those zammy guys in Taverly dungeon as they dropped a ton of herbs (unids back then), selling unids for 1k each.


Obviously flax picking


Also w66 law running, give you the ess back and the laws! Then you go sell them, especially in f2p when some bought laws for like 1k each!


Over a period of years Barrows was my main way to make money, it's not worth it really these days, but last summer prices did spike and doing 1k chests to calculate the odds of a barrows item got me a fair bit of cash.

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I used to kill minotaurs in stronghold of security (or is it safety?) and bury their bones for prayer.


Fist of Guthix for first lot of magic levels, no matter how many level 126s you got put against.


Buying in flax and spinning it in Lumbridge castle... Got my first mil for my whip that way. Every time you bought it in you'd double your money... 500k worth of flax into 1m coins. Took a fair few hours - and I still have that first whip, which I used the 1m for, to this day.

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Combat training at blessed spiders in underground pass

Combat training at zombies outside Shilo for great - afk - exp

Combat training at rats in clockhouse tower (low lvl accs)

Combat training in black knights castle. Altar there, so infinity protect prayer for easy combat exp without burning food.


Ranged training at Port Sarim jail - needed to really hop to find an empty world, later ranged training at king Lathas training camp, even later at greaters in ooglog cave (the one with the blue dragons).

For f2p noobs that want arrows back: Guards in top floor varrock palace, safespot behind the beds.

Also popular: the guards house in edgeville. 4 Guard spawns, two in the house, two out. Had to long narrow windows you could range through.


Mining exp by power mining the 7 iron ore circle southwest of Ardougne.

Mining for cash at the coal rocks around lvl 8 wild, as mining guild got crowded (pre-LRC). And waaaaay before that (around time item-banks were introduced) coal mining at barbarian village, where miners would come and buy coal 100gp each. Saved up for my first adam platebody there, which was 40040 gp at the time (and like what, 18k now?)


Smithing exp from superheating iron ore to iron bars (before forging rings). Smelting jobs in general for smith exp with profit.


Magic exp by high alching holy symbols from falador general store. Only thing you could get enough of, fast enough. Was that or bird cages in

Ardougne, but the symbols had a 40gp return per cast.

Magic training at the demon in wizards tower. Telegrab for rune helm drops.

Telegrabbing nature runes was well.. convenient to get nature runes. Was an island in wilderness with 2 and 3 nature rune spawns. Mostly practiced when they were still considered 'new runes'. (chaos and up basically, for those who never knew different).


Crafting exp from gem cutting. Just stand around offering cut gems for uncut. (pre-Grand Exchange). At higher lvls: make ruby/diamond ammy's and sell in the common 'market areas' (falador east, later varrock palace yard and falador park)


Prayer/ranged training at the fire giants in hill giant wilderness dungeon. Due to aggressive NPC's and 3 round fixed combat, the one training could often escape from pkers before they got to them (if the fire giants turned non-aggresive). Same for waterfall fire giants, safer but crowded.


Agility - Going back and forth on the ledge in Yanille dungeon. Was the fastest agi exp around in first week after skill release, preceded by the ledge in the barb outpost course (where people got the idea).


Construction - First few lvls: Just build/destroy rooms for exp. Only bothered with planks after anything semi-decent could be made.



Cutting down the 'forrest' south of falador, and burning logs as you went.

If you had a circular pattern, there would always be fresh logs ahead ofyou. (days of old FM exp rate and only regular logs, think it was 20 + 2x lvl or so / log).



Flyfishing in lumbridge/barbarian village when fish automatically dropped with full inventory (RSC).

Also, raw lobsters at karamja docks. They'd be sold to the general store there. As all general stores had the same content, you could buy karamja fished lobsters at varrock. Great for killing guards for combat exp.



95% of RSC cooking took place at draynor. Uncert 5 raw lob certs, cook 25, cert to cooked and repeat. Do the walk of shame to bank if you misclicked and ate a lob, so certs would no longer match (multiples of 5).

Heck, there's probably a picture on rsc boards where I'm cooking there in a white partyhat. (No, i no longer have it)


Thieving - The holy grail of high lvl thieving was the paladins in top floor ardougne castle. Chaos runes were actually worth something. Records were set for most chaos runes thieved without leaving the tower.

I recall people luring out some of the npcs to far end of their walking range, then hire another player to block the npc from walking back. NPC couldn't hit the thief, and couldn't wander as it was blocked.

Later also the blood chest between the ogres was a popular combat training / moneymaker / prayer training spot.

Paladin method got replaced by trapping and pickpocketing the knight for faster exp, due to lower fail rate.

The cake stall was the awesome place for low lvl thieving, and the saphire stall ignored (well, gem stall, but was nicknamed saphire stall for obvious reasons).

Also, nature chest in pirate hut used to be .. well, awesome. I often left there with 2k+ nats.

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Fighting the small rats near the lumby castle was, I believe the first method of training I used. I was getting tired of taking so much damage from goblins that I started fighting rats.


Mining 4k coal and 1k mith to make into bars to sell.


Mining adamantite ore to balance cash with xp. At least it made decent cash in F2P, even though the xp was crap (15k xp/h).


Burning willows... which is what I'm doing currently. Best xp/gp possible.


Fire Strike training on moss giants.


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My main combat training is probably quite different than most others, during my first time as members, I would exclusively train on FIre Elementals, because I had read that they dropped Shield Left Halves. Good times.


Training on Ankous and Catatablepons in the Stronghold of Security.


My last strength levels were gained using the most efficient method at the time, Dharoking Skeleton Monkeys under Ape Atoll using a Salve Amulet. Might still be good EXP, who knows.


Verac'ing Mithril Dragons, because even before SuperAntifire Potions, this was the fastest way to kill them.


I did my range training on the on cyclops spawn in Ardougne Zoo. I think I got to 50 Range, at which point I stopped training that way, because I couldn't stand it.


As has been mentioned many times, fishing on the Karamja Dock, desperately wanting someone to make a fire. When I had cooked the fish, I would proceed to kill the Lessers in the volcano. At least it broke the monotony of fishing.


Even earlier, killing cows for a full inventory of cowhides, and then standing in Al-Kharid bank trying to sell them for 100 gp each.


When Hunter came out, trying to catch a bird amongst the crowd. Difficult stuff.


Borrowing Vaartjes0's (A hug to whoever remembers him) Gilded Altar, because I didn't have one myself.


Pickpocketing H.A.M Members for the EXP and for Level 1 Clue Scrolls.


Using SGS to slay was the coolest thing you could do, so I bought one as soon as I could. The same could be said for the Mithril Scimitar which I bought a few years prior, for 2.5k. I had spoken to an IRL mate beforehand, and we agreed to meet up by in Lumbridge at a specific time, and I was so scared of not getting this deal that I asked my brother to remind me an hour before. Seriously, a mith scim for 2.5k, gotta have it.



138 Combat as of Summer 2010 - Retired Summer 2010

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I trained most of my time in RSC killing Men at Al-Kharid. I was so hyped when I got a Bronze Medium Helmet :o

And I had been playing for over a year when I finally found Varrock. Man I was so hyped. I miss being a noob :(

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Quest cape since 11th July 99 Farming 4th February 99 Cooking 31st August

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I feel old skool. I actually made money mining coal in the mining guild at the time we had sleeping bags. Yes, sleeping bags. Fatique, that's right! When the mining guild was great because there was a bed (to reduce fatique) just across faladorbank. Which faladorbank? .. sjeez.


I wanted to buy a a blue mask, that's 500k please sir. 500k? I'll go for the cheaper santa, only 200k.. A full rune Baxe+kite was more expensive ..


Fished quite a few lobsters as well ;) I liked it on the docks. Then back to draynor to make raw lobster cherts. I couldn't cook them.. but cooked lobster cherts were MORE EXPENSIVE then raw ones. Lobsters were quite a good way to earn a money and get some fishing experience alongside.

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Oh, for a while I tried training mining at the gold circle in Karamja and then using the whistle to get me to Fisher Kingdom to bank.


99 Strength since 6/02/10 99 Attack since 9/19/10 99 Constitution since 10/03/10

99 Defense since 3/14/11 99 Slayer since 8/30/11 99 Summoning since 9/10/11

99 Ranged since 09/18/11 99 Magic since 11/12/11 99 Prayer since 11/15/11

99 Herblore since 3/29/12 99 Firemaking since 5/15/12 99 Smithing since 10/04/12

99 Crafting since 9/16/13 99 Agility since 9/23/13 99 Dungeoneering since 1/1/14

99 Fishing since 2/4/14 99 Mining since 2/28/14 99 Farming since 6/04/14

99 Cooking since 6/11/14 99 Runecrafting since 10/10/14 99 Fletching since 11/11/14

99 Thieving since 11/14/14 99 Woodcutting since 11/20/14 99 Construction since 12/03/14

99 Divination since 2/22/15 99 Hunter since 2/23/15 99 Invention since 01/20/17
Quest Point Cape since 08/20/09
Maxed since 2/23/15 Fire Cape since 02/27/13
Slayer: 3 Leaf-Bladed Swords, 8 Black Masks, 2 Hexcrests, 26 Granite Mauls, 5 Focus Sights, 32 Abyssal Whips, 9 Dark Bows, 1 Whip Vine, 3 Staffs of Light, 15 Polypore Sticks

Dragon: 9 Draconic Visages, 7 Shield Left Halves, 20 Dragon Boots, 40 Dragon Med Helms, 8 Dragon Platelegs, 6 Dragon Spears, 20 Dragon Daggers, 5 Dragon Plateskirts, 1 Dragon Chainbody, 63 Off-hand Dragon Throwing Axes, 19 Dragon Longswords, 27 Dragon Maces, 1 Dragon Ward
Treasure Trails: Saradomin Full Helm, Ranger Boots, Rune Body (t), Saradomin Vambraces, Various God Pages
Misc:1 Onyx,1 Ahrim's Hood, 1 Guthan's Chainskirt, 1 Demon Slayer Boots

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Outdated? Mining coal on the hill in barb village, then exchanging for coal certs and selling them to players by advertising in a bank ^_^ Made a killing off that in the old days. Impossible to do nowadays ofc :P


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Outdated? Mining coal on the hill in barb village, then exchanging for coal certs and selling them to players by advertising in a bank ^_^ Made a killing off that in the old days. Impossible to do nowadays ofc :P


Read my post. I refer to it in the pre-certs era. Heck, even in the coin-only-bank era.

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I remember mining coal in I think it was Barbarian Village at the time to get enough money to buy a rune chain, lol. The good old days in Classic. That and fishing on the docks on Karamja and having to go allll the way back to either Draynor/Fally to bank. Times sure have changed.


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