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Best QBD kph?


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So I'm journal hunting at QBD for trimmed comp and I was wondering what the best way to kill her is. Unfortunately, I'm poor so I don't have Nex gear nor spirit shields :<


However, I do have access to pretty much everything else (nips, steel titan, bandos, rapier, ccb, claws, ovls etc. etc.)


Erm the title is a bit misleading actually... realistically, I'm trying to find a solid balance between speed/safety/supply usage (priority being safety really, because at the end of the day even if I spend 4 mins and use 1 brew... if I die then it's all a futile effort lol).


Should I use ranged? Honestly, if I can average 8-9 minute kills I'd be happy but I'm not really super stoked about using 20 brew flasks per run (ideally I'd like to use no more than 10 per kill. Is that asking too much?)


Yeah I don't really know much about how to effectively camp Queen so any tips at all would be greatly appreciated :P I pretty much only know how to run through firewalls without damage + sidestep souls, I'm kinda awful at dodging her dragonbreath. Also, should I be killing souls? Worms? Is gano top better than bcp if I want to ignore worms?

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Be sure to kill the worms, thye seem to pretty much always hit regardless of your magic defence. Use a rapier for them.

Personally the biggest perk of ranged for me is that I get to be more mobile, so it's easier to get around when trying to dodge firewalls or prevent time stop, and you also cover less distance when running to the artefacts, so there are less worms to contend with.


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Range is pretty solid. Melee is pretty brutal (for multiple kill trips) unless you have Torva.

I did a few kills with this set-up, and it worked pretty well. I was able to get up to 3 kill trips at the peak.





- Use Rigour. Your quick prays should be range pray, protect one item, and Rigour.

- Keep Titan specs going constantly.

- Try your best to avoid spawning the worms, but if you arean't able to time toggling the artifacts quick enough, stick your titan on the worms and take them down ASAP.

- Kite souls (IE: move west/east one tick after spawn, diagnoal on 4x souls) to avoid max damage.

- I personally don't bother running around for openings in fire walls. You can step through them without taking any damage if you wait until they are one square away, and then clicking through.

- Kill the freezing soul on the last stage. Unless you are VERY close to killing QBD once the ticker starts, it's always worth taking this guy down quickly.


If you are only staying for the Dragonkin journels, then that setup should be enough.

Good luck sir! It took me 19 for all 4 journels.

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