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Looking for a community clan

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I have only just recently returned to the game after a four year break and I am looking for a new ACTIVE community to immerse myself in. I enjoy skilling more than combat but occasionally enjoy combat mini-games. I used to be really good at castle wars. Might have to hone my skills again :P


Anywho, the username is Roseiah and I would love to join a new group of people having fun together.

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Hey there!


TDM just might be what you're looking for. We're pretty well balanced in regards to events, and have many members who enjoy either combat or skilling. :)


Check us out!




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Hey Roseiah,


I'm not going to insult you by just C+P my clan recruitment post.


We're not like that in PLAY WITH HONOUR.


We don't have any mandatory events, other than we really appreciate participation in the citadel (Tier 6).


Most of the members are into skilling, we try to host a Star team and Evil Tree team every day, although there are a few members that like to dungeoneer, TBH though, the summer vacation is making these things less regular than we would like.


You can check out our recruitment thread here - QFC 288-289-754-63749248


Or pop into our clan chat as a guest - PwH


Feel free to PM myself or another clan ranked member if you're interested.


Looking forward to chatting,



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