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Poison vs Blacknights - PKRI short prep


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Poison vs Blacknights











Here was my runescape day, how was your day ?????


Knowing that BK was prepped for 2 days to fight Tyranny, unfortunately Tyranny cancelled:




Spiko is [email protected] * Spiko

Spiko on @#RS-Tyranny

Spiko using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network

Spiko has identified for this nick

Spiko has been idle 1min 50secs, signed on Tue Aug 14 12:17:48

Spiko End of /WHOIS list.


[15:33] <Venomous> did you just cancel vs bk?

[15:33] <Spiko> yeah, sorry

[15:33] <Venomous> how much prep was it?

[15:33] <Spiko> 2 day. I think

[15:33] <Venomous> ok



So I approached BK officials for a short prep, I agreed with the rules and found it fishy that Nasty Nate was setting up the fight. Mid way through the mass, Nate pm's me and tries to lie his way out to stall for more time:




[15:29] <Nasty_Nate> you wanted a fight?


Nasty_Nate is [email protected] * qwebirc user

Nasty_Nate on #Poison @#friends %#blacknights @#papaya @#rothschild @#slay @#team-yourshit

Nasty_Nate using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network

Nasty_Nate has identified for this nick

Nasty_Nate has been idle 1sec, signed on Tue Aug 14 11:40:42

Nasty_Nate End of /WHOIS list.


[15:30] <Venomous> yea for today

[15:30] <Nasty_Nate> what time

[15:30] <Venomous> 5:30 est

[15:31] <Nasty_Nate> 1 hour

[15:31] <Nasty_Nate> ?

[15:31] <Venomous> yea

[15:31] <Venomous> 1 hour pkr

[15:31] <Venomous> i

[15:31] <Nasty_Nate> kk

[15:31] <Nasty_Nate> bounds

[15:32] <Venomous> well since you and a few others break bounds anyway

[15:32] <Venomous> spiders to new gate

[15:33] <Nasty_Nate> kk

[15:33] <Nasty_Nate> corrupt off

[15:34] <Venomous> 3 sniper cap, even though you'll bring 4

[15:34] <Venomous> agreed and gl ?

[15:34] <Nasty_Nate> no snipers

[15:34] <Venomous> ok but if your people snipe

[15:34] <Venomous> we will

[15:34] <Venomous> just like the other fights

[15:35] <Venomous> accepted?

[15:36] <Nasty_Nate> ye

[15:36] <Venomous> k gl!



[16:56] <Nasty_Nate> what do you have as start time

[16:56] <Venomous> 5:30 est

[16:58] <Nasty_Nate> have 6 pm est

[16:58] <Venomous> We agreed to 5:30 est.

[16:58] <Nasty_Nate> have logs

[16:58] <Nasty_Nate> ?

[16:58] <Venomous> [15:30] <Venomous> yea for today

[16:58] <Venomous> [15:30] <Nasty_Nate> what time

[16:58] <Venomous> [15:30] <Venomous> 5:30 est

[16:58] <Venomous> [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> 1 hour

[16:58] <Venomous> [15:31] <Nasty_Nate> ?

[16:58] <Venomous> [15:31] <Venomous> yea

[16:59] <Venomous> if you want me to paste the whole log i can

[16:59] <Venomous> so u should be massing now, its 30 mins away

[16:59] <Nasty_Nate> we're massing in 30




After sorting it out with the only legit rank - Ben Arch Lah. He started to mass BK up and went offline for his fabulous vacation!

I then approached Trevor/Hell Raizers for the war world and he apparently just woke up and asked for a few minutes. I decided to give BK 15 minutes extra to gain as much as they could.



Rules of the fight:


  • 5:30pm 5:45pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • 1 hour cap pkri
  • no sniping
  • Spiders to New gate boundaries



Poison Starting: 60 opts

Blacknights starting: 51 opts~ on top of spiders



We pretty much had control from the start and it was just repetitive. We would clash piles and kill 3:1 and BK would run back to spiders or gap to regroup. Towards the end of the cap, BK bailed to spiders and had Good Binds + T-boi + Fightsalot mass bind us as we were trying to walk to BK's regroup at spiders at the end of the cap. So they had gained more then they should of but it wasn't enough.


Poison Ending: 48 opts



Blacknights ending: 42 opts



Shout outs:


- Thanks for the short prep and small fight Blacknights.

- Poison had some pretty epic KO power for our small numbers today.

- My boy Tarik for his failed attempts to give us fake locations of BK's regroups!

- Nasty Nate, the usual rule breaker that never gets striked lol:





Pictures of the fight:
















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