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Poison vs 'the' Clan - 20 minute prep


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Poison vs THE clan






Drew22 approached me for a short prep, we agreed to a run in + 2 matched. We were pretty pumped as we had lost to them last time being outnumbered in a PKRI in our last encounter.



Rules of the fight:


  • 7pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • run in + 2 matched


Round 1:


Poison Starting: 24

THE starting: 25



The fight started off with us defending on a top turret and as 'the' rushed in we transitioned onto their pile faster than they did. We took a lead immediately and never looked back. Mid way through we had some teamspeak problems, respect to 'the' for pausing and letting us hop onto our back up teamspeak. We resumed and carried on to take the win.


Poison Ending Kills: 50

THE clan Ending Kills: 41



Round 2:


Poison Starting: 20 dropped from 25

THE starting: 20



With us on a back up teamspeak, we rushed to start the round so we wouldn't keep 'the' waiting for a long time again. Our styles were not on point this round we left cc mid way in and continued on to round 3.


Poison Ending: 0

THE clan Ending: 14


Round 3:


Poison Starting: 20 dropped from 25

THE starting: 20



This round we stepped it up after sorting our styles more proper. We were going kill for kill, taking out all their rangers and leaving them with just magers. At the 14vs14 mark, we transitioned into their pile for 2 ko's on a few of their magers and 'the' left the cc afterwards.


Poison Ending: 12

THE clan Ending: 0



Thanks for the fight, always fun fighting you guys :)

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