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Searching for a laptop


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I am going abroad for my study soon, and I need a laptop which can run Word and the likes, but can also play League of Legends (at around 40fps) and skype at the same time, my current computer can't run it (but it is shit and from 2001) my budget is around 500 euro's, thanks in advance.



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League of Legends really doesn't push your graphics hardware. If you're okay with low detail settings, even last year's Intel HD 3000 should be able to provide playable framerates. If you want a bit more visual candy, the HD 4000 or just about any integrated NVIDIA or AMD graphics chip should suffice. Word and Skype don't really put any constraints on the hardware otherwise, so just about any laptop is good. Since you'll be using it for school, laptops with convenient keyboards gain bonus points, I reckon. Try them out in stores if you can.

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I recently bought a new laptop for around the same price range (mine ended up coming to around £420).


I know it's a Hp pavillion g6, but i'm quite unsure as to which one it was.

I 'think' it was this one due to being the only quad core version I can see: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-pavilion-g6-1220sa-refurbished-15-6-laptop-charcoal-grey-12263581-pdt.html


It's quite cheap now even after only a few months and can run pretty recent games on the highest settings. For example, It can run Deus Ex: Human Revolution on near max settings.


I think that's a good place to start looking, and just narrowing your search from there.

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