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110 Looking for a clan!


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my clan is recruiting, only real rules you need to worry about are no scamming, luring, or begging. and all mature,

if it sounds like your kinda clan pm in game or via tipit =)

iOwn.... (kinda)

2 year old account, Hoping to max before 3-year mark.

Drops - LOTS! =P

1500 total, 2000 total, 2200 total, 2400 total, 2496 total, 2595 total.

99s in order: 99 herblore, 99 firemaking, 99 cooking, 99 strength, 99 Constitution, 99 Attack, 99 ranged, 99 dungeoneering, 99 summoning, 99 fletching,

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Hey Promises


By your short but sweet looking for clan topic, Blacknights could be the clan for you (eventually). We are prodiminatly a f2p warring clan in which we war in pvp wars and cwa. And Ac and PK. But we do host a variety of other events during the week including rev cave pking, dging and citedel events.


You would have to do a tiny bit of training if you are interested, as we require 107+ f2p combat for trail (110+ for member) But if you come and chat in our IRC at #blacknights you can get to know our community as you train, plus Im sure our members could help you out and you could come to the odd event as a clan friend.


I've added you in game so we can chat, if I dont catch you online. Feel free to come chat on our IRC at #blacknights, here you can meet our community and query our leaders.


Best of luck on the clan search

Best regards



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