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I am doing a basic program for a college project and I have chosen Runescape for the subject and my plans for this project are:


You click on a skill and a new screen pops up with information about that skill. For an example smithing

The user inputs their current xp and it will show their current level and also they input target level that the want to get and it will show them a guide on how to get to that level and show them what they can spend. how much they gain and what the profit they get from it.


my question is: How can I contact who is in charge and ask them about it and how to put the GE prices in a Excel Document and keep it up to date with any price changes to the GE.




Current XP: 12

Current Level: 1

Target Level: 30


Suggested Bar: Bronze Bar




Items need:

2154 Copper Ore

2154 Tin Ore


Spend: (how much they will have to spend)

Gain: (how much will they gain)

Profit (how much profit that they made)


This is a project and probably will not be used on a site for anyone to access it.

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I have a excel document that has all the ores, logs, food,bows,bow(U),bars, and other items that go with smithing, cooking, fleching and crafting that can be sold in the GE


I also have in there the formula that will add up how much u need to spend, how much u will gain and how much profit there is by doing it.


the cells that are blank are the prices for each item and once they are filled in all the numbers will show up but then if a price goes from say 300 to 350 then I need it to update automatic.

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If you want just a simple Excel spreadsheet, then you'll definitely want to use Google Docs. It's quite simple importing prices from the GE that way.

You can import items individually, but there is a limitation on how many times you can do that per spreadsheet. (I think it's 30?)

The better option is to import a search for a particular item. I have a farming calculator, so I import the search results for grimy, and use the Continue function to pull all of the grimy herbs with just one ImportHtml function.


Grimy Bunyip's master spreadsheets helped me a lot in this regard. Just make a copy of one of his spreadsheets and analyze his functions. In your case, unhide the GE Data sheet and look there for help.

Working on max and completionist capes.


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The spread sheet is for it to calculate the spend, gain and profit but then I want to put the spend, gain and profit on the program it self so that users can see it clear enough.


If it was not possible then I would of used a fixed price where I go on the GE and grab the prices of today.

I am only just learning on how to program for this one course and I want to get an A so I can probably carry on programming and get good at it.


I do have other ideas if it does not work out as I planned it in my head also I am using Visual Basic 2010 for the programming due to the collage has it installed.

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I don't quite understand your last post. If you want to put a spreadsheet online and let the user see all of that price info, go with Google Docs.

If your project needs to be with Visual Studio, then just bypass Excel altogether.


Based on your OP, I could whip up the smithing portion for that in about 90 minutes. The most time consuming part is getting all the xp data and figuring out the UI. I'm a bit rusty, but it's all straightforward enough. What you are looking for is ideal for Google Docs.



Meredith knows a lot more than me. ;)

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Working on max and completionist capes.


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Ok, so instead of bothering with VB because I find it annoying as hell to use, I'm just going to tell you what to do.


Create a function with the argument "id".

Create a string with the contents "http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_rs/api/catalogue/detail.json?item="

Concatenate the string and id, so you get something like "http://services.runescape.com/m=itemdb_rs/api/catalogue/detail.json?item=4798". This is the Grand Exchange API. ID is the item's unique id. You can find it by searching for an item in the ge database and hovering over the icon.

Download the API.

Make an object.

Read the file you downloaded into the object.

Return (object name).item.current.price


That's how you get the ge price of an item. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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