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Poison vs The Gladiatorz


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Poison vs The Gladiatorz







Our trial warlord Destiny got a fight set up with Gladz a few days ago.



Rules of the fight:

  • 7:00pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • 3 rounds (3rd round run in)

Round 1:



Poison Starting: 26 dropped to 21

The Gladiatorz starting: 21



We started off really well and never looked back, our styles were on point today. They also piled Meow Mix88, this is when we knew it was over...



Poison Ending: 15

The Gladiatorz ending: 0




Round 2:


Poison Starting: 25

The Gladiatorz starting: 25



Our styles were much stronger than our previous round, there wasn't much tanking. Gladz left early on and we continued to round 3.



Poison Ending: 19

The Gladiatorz ending: 0




Round 3: 30 min run in


Poison Starting: 24 (Peaked up 27)

The Gladiatorz starting: 22 (Peaked up 25)



We rushed them at center of turrets map and took a lead and kept it throughout the whole fight. Apologies for any of our members for sniping, you guys did have a lot of titles and 2 groups of name changes.



Poison Ending kills: 100

The Gladiatorz ending kills: 43





Thanks for the fight, always fun fighting you guys :).




Pictures of the fight:














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