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Computer turned off and wont turn back on

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Hey, i was playing Battlefield 3 today when my pc just suddenly turned off. When I tried to turn it back on, it wouldnt. I immediately looked it up and on Google searches it seems as if my PSU has died, although i couldnt smell any funny smell but then again my PC isnt that close to where i was sitting. I then did the PSU power test with a paper clip and it didnt work (i connected it to the green and black wire, top 4th and 7th box thing). So it seems as if my PSU has died, its only a year old which is really annoying as i thought it would last longer.


Here are my specs:



Although my PSU isnt a Coolermaster, at the time i bought a Corsair 500W CX V2 PSU instead.


If what i just described is a dead PSU, what PSU shall i get? Dont want to spend over £60. This is kinda urgent aswell because the PC has my coursework on it. Quick replies would be much appreciated.




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