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Poison vs THE clan - PKRI


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Poison vs THE clan











Sometime last week we got a fight set up with 'the' clan. With our forumless ownage we went up and met orange ownage.


Rules of the fight:

  • 5:00pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • 1 hour cap pkri
  • 2 sniper cap
  • Spiders to east tree

Poison Starting: 90 opts


The Clan starting: 60 opts~


With our number advantage, we had a strong start from the beginning. 'THE' had to regroup at times but still managed to fight back. I believe they started gaining more people but we pressured them with snipers and kept on them. LS decided to appear and crash 'the' for some reason, so we hopped to a different world and finished up the last 10 minutes of the cap.


Poison Ending: 84 opts




THE clan ending: 54 opts




Thanks for the fight 'the' and hope we can fight on even numbers next time!


Shout out to:

- Poison's Cheerleader: Poop gas! Happy birthday.

- Poison, sign up for our next fight on the forums, oh wait..... :sad:

- Keep up the activity!




Pictures of the fight:











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