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How to kill wildy dragon bots


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Many of you are upset on the problem with bots at green dragons right and as if pvp players are not enough? hehe.. i got the fix to this trash...


I got onto rs and before my bandos runs i wanted to have alittle fun so how can i do this. I decited to get on my zerker and try to loot some bots. i heard that that emote with the volcano you get from the LPS will cause you to be bigger then the dragon and cause a misclick, but sad to say the size of the emote was fixed down to a smaller size. so this this where it gets fun...


1) Kill two dragons or six then loot just the bones.

2) Walk a little bit away and drop all the bones on the ground.

3) The bot goes to pick them all up resulting in a left click option...hehe (stand one space away from the bot.) *not under the bones this will result in the dragon bot to right click if you standing on it*

4) Do the emote, because this emote take up like 2 squares or so around you and keep doing it.

5) Eventually the bot will click you and get skulled.

6) Kill then loot and repeat.


(((( I have gotten 6.5m in just 1hr 23 min and 5 seconds doing this. The trick to doing this is instead of dropping one bone then picking it up before the bot gets to it, drop multiples. then do the eruption or w/e the emote is called and while the bot is left clicking the bones it will click you))))


My firend bots while im at his house and i took the time to observe it in action and figure on how to skull it, the problem was that it would right click if you stand under it so stand next to it.


**This was done one month ago and i have not tried it scince so be aware of the updates to the game, things might be diffrent**



items obtained : 10 whips and alot of other rune items :)

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul...

....I like to break these windows and take whats inside.



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Moved to General Guides :). Nice find :P.

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