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Unable to connect to update server


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so after a couple of months of not playing Runescape i decided to come on today and play. And the server updating part came up on the loading screen and it didnt move from 0% then after a couple of minutes i get this error



Error_game_js5connect - Unable to connect to update server.


RuneScape was unable to connect to the update server. This is most likely caused by a firewall blocking the connection.

To resolve this:

  • If you have firewall or security software installed, they can often block RuneScape from accessing its servers. Please ensure that RuneScape/Java can connect to its servers on port 43594.
  • Note: Windows XP Service Pack 2 has built in firewall software. If, when loading RuneScape, this asks if you want to allow the connection, you need to say 'yes'.
  • If that doesn't help, then an external firewall may be causing the problem. Please ask your network adminstrator/ISP to open port 43594 for TCP traffic so that RuneScape and Java can run correctly.

If problems persist, please refer to the Technical FAQs, which can be found in the Customer Support section of our website.



Its really weird because i use to play Runescape before and it worked perfectly, anyways ive been searching through to see whats the matter and why im getting this error, ive done everything possible. I've re-installed Java, upgraded java, unistalled norton 360, shut off firewall ect, and i still keep getting this error


Any help would be wonderful, thanks :)

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Well, to see if it is a firewall issue I have two questions. My first is are you using a router? (I would assume you are, since pretty much everyone does now) And if so, is it the same one you had when you played RuneScape in the past, or is it a new one.


If it's a new router, I suppose it would be possible that the routers firewall would block RuneScape, though it would probably have had to be manually configured to do so in the first place. I've never encountered one that blocked the RuneScape port (or ports I guess) by default. If that's the case, there are guides that can walk you through opening up ports on pretty much any router ever made.


I also changed your title to be a bit more descriptive of your problem in the hopes of attracting people who have more ideas than I do.

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