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Poison vs Australian Army - PKRI


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Poison vs Australian Army






KDR: Doesn't seem accurate.





George from AA approached me for a late EST fight/morning AST fight. We agreed to the following.



Rules of the fight:

  • 9:30pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • 1 hour cap pkri
  • no sniping
  • Spiders to east tree

Poison Starting: 75 opts~

Australian Army starting: 75 opts~


The first few piles was pretty even from both sides. We started to get our piles down faster and took control. Mid way, we had people returning slowly/out of supplies trying to die. AA started to pick it back up so we tried to get a solid regroup to get back into the fight. Towards the end of the cap there was a bit of confusion apparently.


[22:41] <Edward> where u goi

[22:41] <Edward> south spiders i assume?

[22:41] <Venomous76> you saw us.

[22:41] <Venomous76> your regrouping.

[22:41] <Edward> you went south spiders

[22:41] <Edward> we cant get our returners and u can L

[22:41] <Edward> where r u now


Only reason we were at spiders is because we got dragged by your own member - out of bounds.





While AA was regrouping all the way east at GAP, we waited a bit but saw no AA pile come to us. So we walked east to gap and found them. While AA's Leader asked us where we were lol:





Poison Ending:


63 opts



Australian Army ending:


54 opts (Blader is in CL and gummybears is not in AA update your memberlist)



Apart from the confusion at the ending, and the minor boundaries that both of our members broke bounds on - thank you for the clean fight. It was nice to fight someone different and new lately, hope we can rematch sometime again. All in all, it seemed like an even fight.


Props to everyone that showed up at 9pm est/2am gmt, especially GMT members!


Hi Blader! :)


Pictures of the fight:










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