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Poison vs Demiros + REC - PKRI


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Poison vs Demiros + REC











Originally, we were meant to fight Demiros in a 1vs1. Unfortunately Demiros only pulled 48~ opts, so we allowed them to invite REC for a 2vs1:


[19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> can you

[19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> wait 5 mins

[19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> we unit

[19:17] <Wirdy||||afk> rec+dc vs poison?

[19:18] <Venomous76> sure but ends at 7:45 because you stalled



Rules of the fight:

  • 6:50pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • 1 hour cap pkri
  • spiders to east tree

Poison Starting: 60 opts

Demiros + REC starting: 60 opts



After clearing Demiros for stalling on us, they regrouped at moss giants and brought REC up with them this time. We waited at spiders and rushed them as soon as we saw them.


During the whole fight, we had our epic tiny chat event and was listening to Soccer Lane's awful singing with his guitar. After 20 minutes or so of fighting, Demiros+Rec called it off:


[19:40] <Venomous76> are you done

[19:41] <Wirdy||||afk> yes



Poison Ending: 69 opts

Demiros+REC ending: Logged out




Thanks for the action!



Pictures during our fight:



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