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86 slayer - whip vine from mutated jadinko guards?


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I recently obtained 85 slayer, and now 86 slayer.


When i got 85, you can guess, i killed abbys till i got a whip drop, which actually went pretty fast (250 kills).

Sadly for me, whips are quite abundant, hence the price of 459k when i sold it.

Then i moved on and now that i am 86, i see i can kill mutated jadinko guards (with a whip vine in their drop list according to this website).

Since the price is still several million, i was wondering if it was just a rare or a super-rare drop.

If it is just rare, i could try my luck to see if i can get several ones to gain some money.


Any advice or experiences on these creatures? I know other methods of meneymaking are probably superior but if you reach 86 slay, you should try it at least once imho.


Help very appreciated!



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I may be wrong here, but I believe their average drop rate is 1:512 (Same as abyssal demons) and since the KPH there is pretty low, they're generally not worth it for money or slayer XP. I've heard the KPH is as low as 100/hr (Please don't execute me if I'm wrong, I've not once killed these things before).

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