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Poison vs Monocromatic Brazil - PKRI


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Poison vs Monocromatic Brazil












Our trial warlord got a fight set up with MB for pvp.



Rules of the fight:

  • 6:00pm est start time
  • all styles
  • dg on
  • corr off
  • 1 hour cap pkri
  • No sniping (Broken by both)
  • Spiders to gdz (Broken by both)

Poison Starting: 75 opts (25 on ts)

Monocromatic Brazil starting: 63 opts (27 on ts confirmed)



The fight started off pretty clean, we tanked them from spiders to gdz straight away and killed off all their stragglers. We walked to gdz to look for them but they snaked it back to spiders so they could regain their opts again. We clashed once again and repeated, MB started to gain a great G2H unit for melee KO power. Eventually, rules were being broken and snipers were being sent out. So we did the same after several warnings. Eventually the fight took place in GDZ at the last portion of the fight and MB resorted to mass sniping as much as they could:





Poison Ending: 69 opts





Monocromatic Brazil ending: 66 opts



Thanks for the fight MB. Not claming a win, just posting our fight. :thumbsup:



Pictures of the fight:











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