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Keyboard Problems - Black Widow Ultimate 2013


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Hey guys, I'm having keyboard problems. Got the black widow ultimate on Oct 1st, and it's a great keyboard. 5 or 6 times since I've gotten it, sometimes key presses will randomly stop inputting anything into the computer. I'll be web surfing or whatever, and go to hit an arrow key or type in a new url, and nothing works. I don't think the keys are broken, because I can still change the backlight and things like that, where you need to push keys. I think it might be some toggle, button or something like Sticky Keys that is turning on, and not letting the normal inputs happen. Any ideas?


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Chances are it's the drivers. Razer are TERRIBLE when it comes to making drivers. My Lachesis V2 Mouse wont respond EVERY startup and I have to manually disable/enable the plugins in device manager. I've got the 2012 keyboard of yours and the only issue I've seen/had is from that crappy Razer Synapse 2.0 thing.


Try uninstalling it if you have installed it. (Synapse)


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