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Cancelled - close down this thread.

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  • 2 months later...

So race is back on:



One (nice one) out of the list, and made nice 26m while at it too. Saradomin is the only boss I have tried so far after EoC, and I must say I find it rather enjoyable. Barraging stuff is pretty damn awesome! As soon as I make some more money and get some gear, I will try other bosses too. Reason, why I'm low on the money atm is here:




Got that yesterday, which I'm pretty damn proud of. I started "goal" for partyhat like a year ago, and seriously went for one at last summer. Still it took this long to get one. Now next stop is a yellow phat!


I've been making money lending the phat out, so I'll add this here as a reminder for myself (I keep track of my G.E. trading and phat lending and I'm at wrong computer now).


Lending phat (24 hours): 2000k

Battlestaves (3100): 1450k


I'm buying bstaves, shards and uncut sapphires atm from G.E., to sell at bulk in the forums. Okay pocket money for doing basically nothing. :P


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And I'm back! After some experimentation at Gwars with magic I decided I needed a Chaotic Staff. Many hours of grinding later...:





Decided to test out my new toy at Bandos which got me a few meh drops:











After this I thought I'd try Armadyl which so far has been a bit more successful:





Sold 1.5m under GE price but I can't complain over a free 5m :razz:

Plan is to stick with Gwars for a while before getting void back and going QBD (seems to be the best money at the moment). Oh and gratz on the P hat Sydan, bare jealous!


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Starting a slowly progress towards 120 dungeoneering! Got 101 dungeoneering earlier. So far 1,165m dg experience gained since start of this new goal. Stay tuned. :D


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So pretty much exactly week ago I said I started 120 dg goal. So far I'm 104 dg (almost 105), with 8,444m experience in dungeonering counter. That means I got about 7,2m experience in a week. That's alot more than I was expecting. Then again, I got quite addicted to dungeoneering.. :D It's pretty fast now anyways, so 1m xp per day isn't that much.


However, if I keep that rate (with about 1m dg xp day), I should get there in about 70-75 days. :D So by the end of April seems reasonable goal. :razz:


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  • 3 weeks later...

And once again scratch that previous goal. I got too hooked on nexing (I shall be posting some logs eventually) that I have no time to dedicate on serious dungeoneering. I do a floor here and there but don't expect much.


On other news, I have made about 600m from Nex so far and upgraded my purple phat to yellow, which I then degraded to purple again (to buy some gear) and then upgraded purple to red phat recently. I shall be posting some pictures later on. I also got dual drygores and some other junk.


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