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How do you view TV/Films?


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We have a lot more options available now than we used to, and as such it got me to thinking about this. How do you watch videos (TV/Films/Web series)?


Do you watch programming as it airs on TV? Do you record it for later with a device like a DVR/DVD-Recorder/PC?

Do you watch on demand programming?

Do you watch it at your TV? Computer? Portable devices like tablets, mp3 players, etc?

Do you stream it off the internet, from free or paid services (netflix, hulu, youtube, etc)?

Do you download it off the internet?

Do you stream it from your PC to your television? Use some sort of set top device or smart TV?

When purchasing content, do you buy the DVD? Blu-Ray? Digital File?

Do you typically watch in HD or SD? Widescreen or Full screen?

Do you have cable? satelite? antenna?


Or basically anything else related to how you acquire and view content.

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I watch them with my eyes. [/troll]


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I try to catch my favourite TV shows as they air, but I find that I never have the time or I forget to tune in, so I usually go to the channel's website and stream it there.


For cancelled or older shows that aren't aired anymore, I usually catch them on Netflix on my iPod before I go to sleep.


For the TV itself, it is standard cable television, with none of the premium channels.


And I haven't bought a DVD (bluray, digital, or otherwise) in years.


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I find myself less and less interested in the shows they put on TV these days, but i normally just catch them when they are on, if I miss an episode, no big deal. For older shows I love, or movies that I like, I download them onto my PS3 and watch them that way. Usually everything is in widescreen + HD, and I have basic cable + 25 custom channels.


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Download them all, don't have TV service. Watch them on my computer or in my living room on my TV via a WDTVLIVE device. When I watch them on the computer I usually watch them native resolution then turn on "always on top", and browse the internet on the other 3/4 of the screen.



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Television shows: As they air usually, with on demand (TV) or Youtube otherwise. I'm not one of those "everything on TV sucks" people and dislike the lack of television discussion here.

Movies: Netflix or DVDs when not in theaters. I prefer physical copies of media for some odd reason.

I don't download and only buy the movie if I really enjoy it. I don't download or buy seasons of TV series.

Otherwise, SD and Widescreen.

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The one source for all my digital entertainment needs.

Only watch daily news on the TV.

Well, since we both live outside US, I can clarify that we really don't have most of the fun shows you have, or we have them like a year later.

I download SD and whichever format has the most seeds, mostly widescreen though. SD because my internet is seriously god damn slow and I don't like waiting that long. OK, it isn't that slow, 2 Mbit/s, but still.



So I've noticed this thread's regulars all follow similar trends.


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Muggi reminds us of the joys of polygamy.

Saq is totally oblivious to how much chicks dig him.

I strike out every other week.

Kalphite wages a war against the friend zone.

Randox pretty much stays rational.

Etc, etc


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I try and watch what I can live on TV, but often times I download or stream my tv shows to my laptop. I mostly do it for the connivence. I usually don't have time to sit down and watch all my shows live, or I'll be busy watching a basketball game or something, which takes priority.

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Unless its on iPlayer, which we have on the TV, or Sherlock - pretty much the only show I watch when airing, its downloaded from the internets onto our Media server. Then its streamed to the TV using our HTPC connected to the TV downstairs. We generally watch an episode of something with dinner in the evening then a movie or two on the weekend. Anime and movies we get in 720p unless its a fave and we get it in 1080p. TV is HD sometimes but not always, doesn't matter as much. Our lives don't revolve around the TV, we pick what we watch when we want.


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I get my anime from the interwebz so I watch those on my laptop. TV shows I record on the PVR, because the good stuff never seems to be on when I'm home/awake, and watch it later.



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Anime I watch on my laptop. Anything I can, I watch On Demand. The only thing I watch as it airs is Sports, but that is less fun this year since our cable is hooked up through a 13 year old 35" piece of junk, whereas at my old place I had satellite hooked up to my 47" LCD.

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