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Yak City - 125+ combat/2000+ total PVM, Skilling, and Dungeoneering Clan

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We are a clan that just started out from a group of friends, We are mainly a Dungeoneering and PVM clan with some skilling, and are all experienced. We all have experience in many, if not all, GWD/Glacors/TDS and bosses of the like.


We do have a few requirements:

200 combat, And 2000+ total as mentioned in the title.

Also, 95+ dungeoneering is recommended to attend any dungeoneering events.


Some gear requirements are needed to do some PvM events, but that's up to the person hosting the event.

Most of the time these include:

Melee: Bandos, fury, a chaotic

Range: Armadyl or Void

Mage: Ganodermic

Also, more are listed on the thread on the official Runescape forum QFC below


To join go to the quick find code, and post an application there.



To ask any questions PM Backfiresyke or any Deputy owners or admins or just join the clan chat as a quest.

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