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'Unfortunate' Lag ?

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They mentioned in the livestream that they've been building up a 'war chest' from their RWT profits. I think upgrading all the servers to the quality of the French and German servers would be an excellent first investment of that cash.

In what way are the French and German servers better quality? I always thought they were more stable because they get less activity on them.

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You clearly don't understand the meaning of a 'war chest' if you think it's spent on relatively trivial investments such as server upgrades, unless there's some aspect of upgrading servers that combats RWT which I am not aware of. (I'm not a computer technology expert at all, but I can't see how...)

A 'war chest' in business refers to an amount of money specifically set aside to acquire resources in the event that something which may cause danger to the company's continued success arises, such as a sudden change in the economy which might threaten the company's financial health.

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