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Sophie Ricci

Dungeoneering Clan 60+ Dungeoneering Needed!!!!!

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Free-to-Play Dungeoneering Clan 60+ Needed





Combat Dungeoneer Requirements:

  • 60+ Dungeoneering.
  • 70+ Strength or 80+ Ranged.
  • 60+ Defence and 50+ Attack.
  • Minimum of 70 Combat.
  • 60+ Constitution.

Skiller Requirements:

  • 70+ Cooking (To Cook fish/food for combatants).
  • 70+ Runecrafting (To open the Runecrafting doors).
  • 70+ Woodcutting (To Open the woodcutting doors if f2p and if p2p then for making bows).
  • 70+ Mining (To obtain Fractite Ore to smith into fractite armour to help combatant kill the boss and high level monsters).
  • 70+ Fishing (To obtain Fish to cook to stock Combatants for boss fight).
  • 50+ Smithing ( To Make Full Fractite For Combatants).

How To Apply:

  • Add "opticgeneral" the owner. She is always on world 7 either Dungeoneering or training.
  • If you meet the requirments she will invite you or another member of the clan will invite you to join the clan if you have met the required statistics.

Extra Information:

  • Beware! If you are in the clan you will be banned if you bully or discourage a member of the clan, instantly.


Sophie Ricci




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